Three months ago I found out that I have a aneurysm. I found out from Emory and Dr. Barrow that I have thrombosis and that the aneurysm has gotten smaller and that I did not need a operation. Thank God.The question I have what is the percentage of people that get thrombosis.

mark, good for you that your aneurysm has decreased! I'm not sure if this is the same as you mention. I had deep vein thrombosis DVT, the cause was a congenital clotting disorder (Leiden Factor V) treated by blood thinners for life. I've never been told the clotting factor was related to the burst aneurysm but at my neurosurgeon suggested that blood thinner along with an aneurysms was not ideal. Take care!

I think, following surgery, that I once had thrombosis, I felt like I was drowning and several doctors came running. This was while I was still in the hospital. They put me on oxygen, and I was all right. My wife, who was a nurse, thought it might have been a thrombosis. But I was all right, and still am, 16years later.

David Andrus

My husband’s aneurysm went thru thrombosis. After 10 hours of surgery to clip it, they couldn’t get to it. They came back in the next morning to go back to the OR and the angiogram didn’t show anything. Never has since–and that was 2 years ago. The neuro called it thrombosis. I call it a miracle. :slight_smile:

How can thrombosis make an aneurysm to shrink in size?

same as kd

I guess it helps stop the flow of blood and the pressure goes down. I am not sure what happens to the extra artery wall. So. the next question is what happens the blood clot? I think it is hard but can't it get lose and plug some other artery?

Knowing said:

How can thrombosis make an aneurysm to shrink in size?