Thank you for being there

To all my friends on this forum, and to everyone who helped me get through these dreaded procedures, thank you and God bless... I had a MRI 6months after op and surgeon says It seems ok... Thank heavens...

Love to all of you and be courageous my friends, I've learnt a valuable lesson- time is invaluable and not to be wasted.



Shauna- What fantastic news! I've been thinking of you and hoping all is well! Miss you- xoxo D

hi shauna!!! so nice to hear from you! you & Colleen were my first friends here back in february- so happy for your test results, mine were also clear~!!! take care ,thank you & God bless you & yours!

YAY!!! I love success stories!!!! God bless you!

I hope that you are well Tera, you have such alovely unusual name...

Prayers and love to you...