Telling my story ... 3 Ameurysms and a dysection of my right coriander artery

I was feeling very lethargic … My thinking and thoughts were slow and my body movements too… I just could not shake it off… I called my doctor and was sent to an Internet… She did not believe my story carried any importance …she sent me across the hallway for a best X-ray… So I asked the lady there if I could have a piece of paper and a pen … So I wrote out what I was feeling. And I went back into
Her room. Gave my letter to the receipt
Ions… I said in a kind voice. I am no t leaving this office until my do toor reads this…please…she sent me to the hospital. They found one then sent me to Grand Rapids for another test… They found 2 additional. One inside the other… That was 2007 and 2010

It is important to be our own medical advocate ... and you are living proof...Thank you for sharing your story...~ Colleen

Thank you Colleen … Smiles and hugs … Wishing you a beautiful day

Wow Vicki Lynn, that is both awesome and amazing that the internist read your note and followed thru -- (the follow thru part is what is amazing to me) --Very intuitive means of going about a diagnosas on your part, I never would've thought of doing that.

hope all is well nowadays for you ! Take care, Janet


You were blessed to be able to write and demand... and, have it met... It is rewarding to read... to know that it can and does happen....

Hugs and prayers for your continued recovery...