Stopping Plavix at 3 months

I am to stop plavix at 3 months and continue with aspirin 325. And honestly am frightened by this. Have y stents. Anybody else do this at 3 months?

I was never put on plavix, what is scaring you the most?

The fear of a blood clot stroke

I completely understand why you have fear.

I had my stent put in Dec 2021. Was on Plavix for three months and now take 81mg of aspirin daily. It was really good for me to come off it as I’m not bruising or bleeding all over the place. A small bump from the dog and I’d look like someone took a baseball bat to me. Little scrapes were a big issue as the bleeding was hard to stop. We were teasing that I needed to buy stock in bloodstop powder or gauze and Vet wrap as I went through a lot of all of them, plus the two large boxes of BandAids. More importantly, I actually felt better off the Plavix, though I don’t know why. So for me, getting off the Plavix was a reason to celebrate!

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Hi there - I had a stent placed on the right in 2018 - went from Plavix to aspirin 325 mg to 81 mg
stent placed on the left in May of last year Brilinta and kept taking the aspirin 81mg - they stopped both the Plavix and the Brilinta a few months after each procedure, if that helps? And I wholeheartedly agree with Moltroub. The bleeding all of the place every time I nicked my finger or my dog stepped on my foot while on the blood thinners wasn’t a fun time!

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I too was on 75mg Plavix and 325mg aspirin in 2015 for my stents, but Dr took me off after 9 months or so, as I was bleeding at every ding, my arms looked like i was in battle. Yes they are give to prevent blood clots, but i didn’t need this much flow.

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I had coils and stents for an 11x15mm Basilar tip aneurysm, and was never on Plavix, but did take 325mg aspirin daily with no ill effects for two years. Nothing to worry about in my humble opinion.

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I was taken off Plavix also after 3 month, I am only on 81mg of aspirin. Doctor discover I was too sensitive to Plavix, so the dosage had to be adjusted to 3 time weekly. I was glad because more bleeding, bruces or feeling cold all the time. I had my aneurism repair mid February, 2020. I only take 81mg of aspirin daily. The only pain is in my groin near my femoral artery, that is how the repair was done. I had 3 angiograms in 9 months.

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What kind of stents?

It is a platinum stent that was put on the bottom of the vessel below the aneurysm. Think of it like a flat narrow plate with grating like a bridge. The coils were put in the aneurysm and flatten as the blood drains. The coils flatten against the stent and creates a “dam” of sorts, so blood flows through the artery as it should, and no more aneurysm. It is100% gone as of the angiogram taken 6 months after surgery.

I hope that makes sense.

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Your question to @Sheryl and her response had me looking for more information about my Neuroform Atlas Stent! Mine is made of Nickel and Titanium, it’s called nitinol for Ni (Nickel) Ti (Titanium) and NOL (Naval Ordinance Laboratory). Quite a remarkable feat to have been developed in 1959 - Go Navy!

I found this from UMHS
They have a link to a YouTube animation video that shows coiling and at the end, deployment of stent and coils. Endovascular Coiling for Brain Aneurysm, Animation. - YouTube

I found this quite amazing, thanks y’all!

Fascinating information. It is 9 years post-op and I forgot a lot of details. Thank you for the research and posting. My aneurysm was 11x15mm, and the stent needed for the 15mm stretch.

The brain surgery went well, but I had the complication that has an 85% mortality rate in brain surgery patients. The femoral arteries did not close and by the time they had me back on the table for bilateral femoral artery repair, the last thing said before they put me under was: “Doctor, we have to move, she is 38/16.” I later confirmed with the vascular surgeon who saved my live that 38/16 was my book pressure. I lost 5 1/2 liters of blood, my blood volume was replaced twice during the repair, and 4 transfusions post surgery.

I appreciate the support over the years in this group.


Dang Sheryl! I only had a couple of pretty hairy issues during angiograms, one was when the Resident didn’t put enough pressure on my femoral artery and I thought I’d urinated on their brand new table. I kept apologizing to another Dr who called my Neurosurgeon back over and she did a handstand on it. Didn’t lose enough blood for a transfusion…. You are one lucky person!

I like researching and the internet is wonderful for it, thank you for your kind words.

Hi Loveforall. I stopped Plavix after 3 months and went on 325 mg Aspirin for a coiled and stented basilar tip annie. 10 years later still taking the aspirin with no probs! I do get MRA’s annually and will for life because of the location of the annie.

Every step after recovery is scary, I know. You will
do great!

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I’m so glad to see you back! Your wisdom and experience is certainly a must here Ms.Sherri

Hi, Everyone, I am Virginia. I found two aneurysms in 2017. It took me over four years to dare to get them treated. The first procedure was on January 18, 2022, and the second one was on March 1. So I have two stents in my brain. I am taking Brilinta the blood thinner for six months and then will be aspirin 81. I have already shown bruises here and there. But I am happy that I have them treated. I was tired of living in fear. Thank you everyone to share your experiences as to what to expect after the stents in your brain!

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I did. I had Y stents of an ACOM aneurysm in July 2019.

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You’re back too! Wonderful!

How long were you on plavix and what kind of stents?

I too have y at the acom and am fearful of stopping the plavix.