Stent-Assisted Coiling Denied by Insurance

Okay, this is difficult - waiting for an insurance company to choose whether or not I have a procedure that I clearly need. This is insanity! I have read numerous articles that indicate that stent-assisted coiling is fast-becoming the "norm" for treating wide-necked brain aneurysms such as mine. To quote: "A key benefit of stent-assisted coiling is that it is a non-surgical procedure, which means there is less stress on the body. Because stent-assisted coiling is much less invasive than brain surgery or clipping, patients recover much more quickly. Typically, patients spend only a couple of nights in the hospital following a stent procedure and are able to return to work in a week or so."

I have filed an appeal with Blue Cross Blue Shield, now what else should I do?? Seems senseless to sit here and wait, doing nothing.

i dont know about being anle to retyrn back to work a week after the procedure…your still having a procedure done on a highly sensitive part of your body…its gonna take time to recover and being careful not to rush,giving your brain some tlc when its needed most…keeping you in my prayersvfor a speedy resolve…that is crazy that they are juggling your life like that…i would be pissed…while apoealing see if there is a regional,district mgr/supervisor you can talk to in order to expedite their decision in your favor…God bless and good luck sweety


While you’re wating for an answer from Blue Cross, Blue Shield contact you state Insurance Commissioner and speak with them. Find out what appeals you are entitled to in your state. Just Google “your state” Insurance commission ( for example in NH ours is ) and then call them and ask what your next steps should be. Also, has you doctor appealed the BCBS’s decision formally.
Good luck! Please let us know what happens.