Shunt to treat SAH

Hello there…hoping someone might find what I’m sharing to sound familiar in some way… My mom was in the hospital for a little over a month recovering from clipping surgery (surgery was April 13th 2014) after brain aneurysm rupture. She was discharged a about a week ago and temporarily admitted to a skilled nursing facilty, which the hospital highly recommended being her therapy progress was coming along a bit

slowly. As of today, they had her taken back to the hospital for precautionary reasons and to get a CAT scan- I guess she was extra sleepy today and passed out at one point. Turns out fluid pressure is starting to slowly build again, and they are thinking a shunt may be needed (which they were kind of on the fence before, but felt she didn’t need it). Surgery for the shunt might be Monday or Tuesday of next week. Does anyone have a shunt and can help me understand what this means? I’ve read up on it and just seems pretty overwhelming and a little scary. Thank you so much for any input you have.

Hi Brittany...I don't have a shunt so I am not much help...but many here have shunts...~ will have your mom in my Thoughts for her current surgery...Colleen

Hi, I too have a shunt it was put in last April several weeks after my clipping. The tube drains into the space around your intestines where the body can absorb it. My valve is adjustable my neurosurgeon just uses a magnet to adjust it when necessary to try and relieve my headaches. The surgery does sound scary and I was surprised by the amount of bruising I had afterwards but compared to the other surgeries I’ve had, clipping followed by crainioplasty, it was relatively easy and I’ve had no problems with the shunt so far.

hi i have a shunt that drains into my stomach, i had a sah and i asked why do i still need shunt if the aneurysm is fixed and the nurse said it helps circulate cerebral spinal fluid, tc

I've been fluids weren't circulating and i awoke from my coma with this shunt in my skull--was told i'd have it forever.....mine got infected however after having it for two months. and i was fortunate in that mine was removed permenantly when the infection would not clear up...the fluid started re circulating on its own.

lots of folks have shunts put in after getting thru their surgeries though, with plenty of success. its not unusual at all. best of luck ,

Peace, Janet