Should i be angry at the nurse?


I am sitting here tonight 48 hours after the nurse at my neuro's office was supposed to call me and i am going CRAZY!!!

I met with my Dr. last Monday and it was a possibility that I could have had my surgery this Tuesday (11/4), the day after tomorrow!!, and they would know by the end of the next day which was Tuesday (10/28) and that Sarah, her nurse would call me. She didn't. I called Wed am and left a message with the secretary. I was out and she called. I returned the call and she said that there would not be an operating room available so the soonest would be Tuesday, 11/18, the day after my Dr. would be back from her vacation. (I knew she would be on vacation from the 7th until the 17th so she said Tuesday was the latest she would do the surgery before her vacation so that she would be available until I would be released from the hospital, which is comforting to hear.) Anyway, this is complicated, and I get why I am so crazy. Sarah also told me during that call that she would know by the end of the week if Tuesday was available, otherwise, her next surgery day would be Friday, 11/21. So I wait all day Friday and never got a call! Now it's Sunday night and all weekend I'm wondering if my BRAIN surgery will be the 18th or the 21st!!!!!!!

Because I am obviously petrified to have brain surgery, I am feeling very vulnerable and helpless so confronting Sarah seems like something I shouldn't do, you know, make sure I don't upset them because they are the doctors office! So, do I wait for her to call me tomorrow since she didn't call on Friday, or call her at 8:01!!!!!!!?

If I call her and she isn't apologetic and tries to reassure me I don't know what I'll do??? They told me to call if I had any questions anytime and here I am wondering if I'm bothering them.

Sorry for rambling if anyone's there but I just had to vent and get an opinion.


Crazy in NH,


J Knights, I hear your frustration! I believe any doctor and their staff worth their degrees would not become upset if you called for clarification on dates and times. I might start out by just saying, " you know I’m a little scared and maybe confused - but when exactly is my surgery scheduled for? I know now if im going to have a confrontation of some sort, I have to practice what I’m going to say before hand. That way I’m less likely to say the first thing that pops into my mind.

Hey J,

Just checking in with you. We’re you able to get in touch with them yet?