Rupture Brain Aneurysm Survivor Newbie


I’m new here and nervous about telling my story, for a few reasons; memory and they triggers that it may cause writing about it. But I am strong enough now, so let’s go!!

My name is Jocelyn from TX and I had subarachnoid hemorrhage right in the middle of an Pandemic (11/22/20). This is My Story… I can remember a few things leading up to that day. That week of that I rushed to the hospital, I worked, workout, went to the doctor but what I thought was just Sinus Infection with a headache according to my doctor. She ended up giving me some steroids and a meds for anti-anxiety and told me that I need to allow it to take it course and rest. During that week the headaches, I never thought anything else other that I had a Sinus infections. On Sunday I got that headache again and laid down for a nap, this time I was sleep until the phone woke me up 4 hours later. I woke up in an alter state… all I could do is moan and grunt… no words could come out. I Believe that once I got complete alert, l learned I couldn’t talk, write, or remember how to dial a phone to get help. I just pick up the phone and keep pressing button, people would answer and I couldn’t respond to them. I don’t remember how I got to the hospital. But I remember getting to the hospital ER and I felt like 20 plus people (In the middle of Covid19 Crisis) were surrounding me, I just remember being scared. At that time I learned that thought I was have a stroke, but after all the X-ray, CT scans, etc. They determined that I needed to be at another hospital and I was still so confused at this point and still could not understand , why they were transferring me. I was transferred and not even 3-4 hours later I was rushed into emergency surgery, where they placed a stent and coils to stop the bleeding. I made it out and from what I was told they didn’t know if I was going to make it. Well I made it, but I had no clue what was going on around me, still couldn’t talk, walk, write, or have any memory of how and what was going on. I spent about 10 days at the hospital ICU trying to recover from a Rupture Brain Aneurysm that cause me to have multiple strokes. During the first few days No visitors, after then they change to one at a time…I was so grateful to see people… because I was still confused, also I need to see if in could remember them. I remember seeing my mother and daughter for the 1st time. My daughter was away at college and my mother lived in another state and I just cried. Also during that time in the hospital my speech came back(Not great, but I could communicate better) they got me up to see of I could walk on a walker and I could and I got to take shower, YES!

I am now a 9 month Survivor, I have been in Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapies for a good portion of that time and have made great improvements. I am on this journey to rediscover the New Me and My New Normal. Thank You all that came before me to tell your stories, you have help me through telling my story. If you have questions please ask away!


Welcome @Jocelyn42! I am so glad you joined us as I’m sure the other members are as well. Your story gives everyone hope, it seems your recovery is doing really well, good for you!

I too had to have Speech and Physical therapy, I was to get Occupational but there wasn’t a place in our county for me. The OT that worked in Outpatient Therapy did staff with my Speech Therapist many times, I’m glad they like each other LOL.

When I was in NSICU (Neuro ICU which is actually NeuroSciences ICU, not to be confused with the NICU which is Newborn ICU) I insisted in getting out of bed sometime in week 3 and couldn’t remember what my feet were supposed to do. I was just staring at my feet and began to cry, in comes BH and starts singing “Put one foot in front of the other…”. It started my brain to know what to do and I was able to walk a little bit. The entire NSICU folks joined in. Here’s the lyrics if you don’t remember Put One Foot in Front of the Other Lyrics - (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) Performed by Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney - Soundtrack Lyrics. It’s a good song for us who survive I think. Here’s the YouTube video Put One Foot in Front of the Other - YouTube

I’m really happy you and I as well as other members who have ruptured are the exception. Keep working on recovery every day, do everything the three therapists teach you everyday. The repetition will really help your memory. Remember to stay well hydrated and eat a good amount of protein for your brain to heal, ask one of the therapists and they should be able to ask one of the Registered Nutritionists if your doctor hasn’t told you.

Glad you joined us!


Bravo and thanks for sharing your story with us. I am also a survivor and felt the trauma of my experience for some time after, my memory has faded some and I am now able to tell my story without “feeling” it much, if that makes sense. What I do know is reading my own words from that time back now does make me realize how far I have come and that is reason for celebration.


Thanks so much for the welcome!

It has been a journey, NO One expected me to recover as I have. Every day I wake up and remain in a state of gratitude understanding that this life is not promised to you.

You said some things in your post that trigger some memories for me. I was also in the Nero ICU (Not to be confused by NICU, lol) Also you mention that you couldn’t remember what your feet were supposed to do. I remember that moment so clear with my feet, writing, and communicating… You are absolutely right, just like that song said putting one foot in front of the other. Your brain started to remember what it used to do.

Thanks so much!


It is amazing @Jocelyn42 that once our family was being told by doctors they didn’t know if we would make it and here we are to tell the tale. I feel truly blessed to find the beauty in the little things and that I have time to see them all! Most days my cup runs over but some days it’s half full, I have never had a half empty cup. Once we figure out recovery can be slow, we just have to find the growth we continue to make.

All the best,