Return to work?

How long after a ruptured brain aneurysm surgery and recovery can you go back to work?

That really is a “How long is a piece of string?” sort of question as there can be many variables. For some people the physical impact can be minimal, where for others the impact can be catastrophic. Some dr’s may use a minimally invasive treatment option, where others may use a highly invasive option and there can be any number of reasons why a particular option is used compared to another. The best person to ask about this would be your surgeon.
BUT, from my own experience where I was pushing myself to return to work, I did myself more harm than good. I can and do understand completely your need and desire to return to work but in doing so before you are fully recovered, like myself, you may being doing yourself more harm than good too. In my situation, by doing so, I ended up back in hospital requiring further surgery and now being told I’m unlikely to EVER be able to return to any kind of gainful employment at all. Each and everyday I am kicking myself for not taking the time I needed. My mind was saying ‘yes, return to work’ but my body was not ready. So I pushed my body, but pushed too much and now I’m paying for it. Don’t do that.
As frustrating, deflating, annoying it maybe, take the time your body needs.

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Hello, I think this question is answearable with your Dr.’ advice’ .as for my own experience on work mine is home based easy and did’nt make me travel as per my PT’s advice,though it’s rewarding too, work’s and its kind are a factor now, we knew that there are some limits in workloads. especialy stressful things.
I first started working after 2 years from surgery on my aneurysm, why does it take a long perod of time because my Nuero Dr and my Pt required me to have me checked on all possible causes that might give me a second unruptured annie.
They want to make sure on my wellbieng now that I’ve survived my Annie.
still alive thank God for this 15 years.
Have a check before working your Dr. know when is the best time to work again.

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My Neurologist and NeuroSurgeon explained that the minimum guideline is 1 week of hospitalization equals 1 month of leave of absence. In my case, I was hospitalized for 3 weeks in ICU so my minimum guideline was 3 months. But, it is just a guideline. They explained that if you body is telling you that you are not ready, they would extend the leave of absence. Issues that are common are fatigue, headaches, dizziness, cognitive, memory, emotional, etc. Remember that ruptured aneurysm is a big deal and that you had major brain surgery. I actually went back to work too early and the disabilities that I developed prevented me to work so I had to go back on Medical Leave. U have to consider follow up checkups with your NeuroSurgeon like scheduling angiograms.

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