Recovery after a Brain Aneurysm

My mom had a BA last Aug. accourding to my sisster and Aunts she has a lack od emeotions the only one I see is crying she has not done it yet. She is still mom talks laugh, same facial reactions. Is this normal will she get it back?

Hi, Cristy,

Every body is different. People continue to recover for some time afterwards. You can help by exposing your mother to familiar things that she used to enjoy - people, photos, clothes, places, movies, music, foods, sports - whatever you remember meant a lot to her. Not all at once - you don’t want to overwhelm her, but every day try to have something that she cared about a lot.

It helps the brain to reconnect if the memories being jogged have a strong emotional tie for the person, because then the memory will be laid down in more parts of the brain, so if it’s lost from one part, it might still be somewhere else.

Scents and other smells have strong multi-layered storage, so they can often help unlock things that have lost connection in other areas. Was there a flower, perfume, food, drink, or place with a scent that your mother used to react to?

Ask through the family and your mother’s friends to find out things that used to mean a lot to her, especially back to when she was young. We often lose new memories, but retain old ones.

Try not to talk to her as if there’s something wrong with her. We have a tendency to be ‘kind’ but when a person is struggling to find herself, that can be confusing and frustrating. Try to talk to her as if nothing happened. That way she can remember who she was to you, and it will help her to regain herself. Her emotions will show again as she comes back to herself.

All the best to you and yours,


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