Problems with brain aneurysm

How significant is it when my brain aneurysm, which was coiled and stented 2 years ago, seeps blood into the artery where the aneurysm is located?

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Can you provide a little more information such as have you seen your surgeon lately? What did the doctor say?

The way I understand blood flow and aneurysms is the aneurysm is an out pocket on the artery. The blood flows into the aneurysm. I haven’t heard of one seeping blood back in. It’s like the old garden hoses that would blister in the sun, if you remember those. The blood (water in the hose pipe) keeps flowing in one direction, unless the “blister” (aneurysm) pops. My guess is the coils have compacted which is not unusual. Is the surgeon able to go back in and place more coils? What type of stent do you have?

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