Prayer for ahahovan and her surgeon

Our member, ahahovan is going to have surgery in 3 days. Let’s send all the positive energy we can for a successful outcome.

Let’s not forget her surgeon in our prayers and positive energy. I wish for ahahovan to begin this journey with peace, to give her surgeon a clear mind and steady hands. And may God watch over both.

Thinking of you ahahovan. I believe that all will go well and you will have a speedy recovery. I am sure that your surgeon is a great one and you are in safe hands! :pray: :pray:

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Prayers Ahahovan for a successful surgery and recovery.

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I pray for a safe surgery for ahahovan at the hands of the surgeon and team that has to help heal the aneurysm. I pray ahahovan is calm and in a positive state because I just had my 2nd one on 9/8/20, after 22 years, and was more numb than afraid. I do pray for love and light to be in the room with everyone.