Please help... time is of the importance

My wife's brother who is 52 years old suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm Jan. 30th. He lives in a poor city in Ecuador where medical care is terrible. Anyways, he got transferred to another hospital on the 1st, they scanned his brain and said it is filled with blood. He has been unconscious since it happened. I am trying to find out if at this point it is too late to save him or is there some sort of a chance. He is currently unconscious and on life support. He has not received any medication up to this point.

Thanks all!!

Only a Doctor and medical staff can give you answers...and if one has faith...there is always hope...I am not sure what you need us to tell you at this point...~ Colleen

Oh, I thought there were medical professionals on here as well. Thanks!

You may want to click above and it will take you out of the support site and on the main page of BAF ... this may help you out...or you can go to "Ask the Doctor"...but I don't know they can tell you whether it is too late or not...~ Good Luck ~ Colleen

Dear vpersad,

I am really sorry to hear about this.

Unfortunately, I lost my dad in pretty much the same way as things are going with you. My father, by the time he was in the hospital, had apparently suffered a stroke due to the amount of blood in his brain. He actually passed out on the living room floor and stayed that way.

He had surgery the next morning but it did no good. They could never get him to regain consciousness, they could only get him to open his eyes by putting pressure on his chest. The left side his brain was basically shut down. He would never be able to function normally again.

I am no expert or anything, just wanting to share my story with you. Sadly most ruptures do not end well. There is still a chance though, depending on where in the brain the rupture occurred, how big the aneurysm that ruptured was, and other factors that your wife's brother may wake up. I am praying for the best. This is a terrible tragedy that I wouldn't want anyone to ever have to go through.

Thank your very much for sharing your story.

In the "ask the doc"...We just got an answer to my question...on an article on the "brain-death" testing.

My curiosity was/is on the cranial nerve portion of the article...when and how it is done when death is not yet addressed the data is maintained for setting initial status to changes...from staying the same, to decline, to improvement. This article refers to death of any cause...not geared to aneurysms... It may help you in asking questions of his doctors regarding his status...

I also think there is a Group site here on Grieving...and, you may want to talk w/your minister/priest or church support group on grieving... aneurysms are somewhat unique as to cause....however, the numerous causes of death can and do suffer many of the same issues...and, decisions...

Prayers surround you in finding, feeling, sensing, your right decisions...