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Playing Badminton after Brain Aneurysm surgery

I had an ruptured aneurysm surgery with clipping two month back.
Before the aneurysm i used to play badminton every day for one hour. I was only a beginner player only.
I would like to know if I can restart playing badminton. .

Please ask your surgeon. I wish you all the best!

Wow - very ambitious. it has taken me over a year to return to a portion of who I was on a bowling lane.
2 weekends ago, I went to Swing A Round Fun Town with the family. I attempted to hit Slow Pitch softball - back in the day I was really good - i missed everything right handed and 2 of 13 left handed.
So, I wish you the best when you are released. Take it slow with the coordination - I push every day, but the results are always a daily struggle

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Hi! would like to welcome you!Iam
new but have been given so much support.Moultruop is right ask first.
I have horses and have been riding
54 years.So when surgeon said; I could ride most excited I’ve been since surgery.
Iam 7 months out; 2 BA’s,craintomy,
clipping.One more to go.I hope you get the clearnce.Doing what you enjoy really helps.Badminton sounds fun.

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