I’ve been clear now 5 years I had Brain haemorrhage 2010, yes am lucky to be alive and not many people who’s aneurysms burst survive but now am suffering. Daily my back is so bad getting out of bed is so bad, am only 33 but daily tasks are now a struggle I need to know if this is short term or this is the downside of surviving xx


What have your doctors explained?

RE: short--term? How long have you had this pain? Did it begin recently...or has it tracked with your five years?

Many of us have had issues of same or varied areas ..

Hey Sharon,

I have had 5 bouts of brain surgery, none of which have had the same after effects, other than the ever present headaches. Some people have surgery and all is OK, unfortunately this has not been the case for me. Initially, after the first couple of surgeries things were a struggle, but with perseverance (and time) things improved and I eventually returned to work. I wasn't 100% right but with management I did cope.

But, since my last episode in '13 things have not been good, OK so if I'm honest things have been $%^&$ terrible. The neuro's operated twice in that year and each surgery was to fix things but if this is fixed then I'm another word starting with 'F'. I expected, as before that, sure, it would take some time to recover but once recovered things would get back to normal. This is far, far from anything like normal. Now I'm being told that this is about as good as it gets, which is so very demoralising and that ever present word "Frustrating".

So the long and short of it all is that I've been in both situations, recovery and return to my previous life and semi recovery and no possibility of returning to a 'normal' life. You ask is this long term or short term and I can tell you nobody knows. We all hope/wish/pray its all short term, but the reality is no one knows.