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Pain when having cold or flu after clipping

Dear all,

This question is for the ones who had clipping. It has been 3 years past the surgey and I figure out every time I have a cold or flu I really feel the bone flap hurting. Normally I do not notice it but on those times that I am sick I even can not sleep on the surgery side, do you also have similar experience?

Saw your message and noticed nobody replied so figured I would :) . Anyway, I had a clipping at the end of 2013 and don't notice any particular pain associated but I must say I haven't really had a full blown cold or flu since. I do notice some pain if my sinuses get stuffy, perhaps with things swelling on the inside it pushes against tender parts? Not sure. Also notice slight pain/pressure if I try lying on the surgery side. Don't like the feeling so I avoid it. That didn't help you at all did it. (Smirk)

Thank you Harlylena....I am rubbing both sides of my head right now because the bones around the surgery sites are achy and the muscles behave like very strong twitches... like people get on their eye lids and they twist like a spasm....does anyone else get anything like that? I too am happy for having had my annies fixed with few problems and this is not a complaint...

I sometimes have pain when lying on my surgery side, especially when I have a headache. : (

Thank you all, some people say healing of the bones take longer than it is said in text books.