Pain in the head

This is getting very painful and a bit weird to say the least, if I touch the middle of my top lip with anything I get a major stabbing pain in the middle of my head! I suffered a SAH in 2011 and suffer from daily persistent headaches so this in addition is putting me down. Has anyone had or does anyone have the same problem or can anyone explain why for me?

Hi Simon. I suffered an Aneurysm in August 2015. I'm 6 months on after successful clipping. However, i too suffer from daily headaches, 'heavy head' feeling and neck pain. I'm on daily medication that contains low codeine. Was told by surgeon that I would suffer headaches for the next year.

Simon, have you called your doctor? Please do it today and let us know what they say…

I don’t have that specific problem with the lip but I also have other wierd sensory issues like that as well as daily persistent headaches and my SAH was 2005, so I totally get your frustration, nothing helps and no one can really explain it !