Onyx HD 500

Anyone considering liquid embolization with onyx hd 500 for their resident annie?

Hi Karen…I had a 5mm annie rupture on April 6 2011… It was repaired with Onyx and a stent because the coils would not stay in… I had my surgery done in Miami Fl while on vacation…I was out of work 4 months, mainly due to fatigue… I’ve been back to work 3 months now , part time at first…I wish you all the best with your surgery…Take care and be well Traci

Hi Traci,

So glad you are doing well! I have already had the surgery, the end of June and mine was 5.6 mm. Coils were not an option for me due to the wideneck. I returned to work 5 weeks later and have been suffering horrible headaches and fatigue. The headaches have been somewhat better the last couple of weeks, but, the fatigue just really makes me feel so wiped out. My primary dr put me on prozac and wellbutrin. Not sure if this is the treatment that I need. I just started the wellbutrin today and the prozac 4 weeks ago.

Thanks for responding..Us "glue girls" are rare on this site.



I will be going to dr. in Dec. for my MRA and results. At this time my annie is 5x3. They want to coil but I will be asking about liquid embolization and the PED. One dr. told me the neck is large and can't be coiled. Dr. I am seeing now says coiling is the way to go. I really want it fixed where I won't have to keep having it checked. But drs. don't want to clip it. Do you have to be tested to make sure annie is still ok?



I am scheduled in December for a follow-up angiogram to make sure that the onyx is still in place. I think that coiling and Ped patients have to do the same. I had the option of clipping, but, chose the onyx. Less invasive. My dr. did not want the coiling and stent because of where it is located. I think the onyx is a great way to treat the annie. The onyx has only been around since 2008 and there is not a lot of information on it, other than what it is made of etc. Dr. Robert Mericle, my neurosurgeon performed mine and also has a published article. He is a very gifted man and a wonderful dr. I feel very confident that the onyx was/is the way to treat. Let me know if you have any more questions.

I understand that you want to get this over with. It is tough to know that it's there and what could happen. The psychological part of this journey has been difficult for me. I am improving and I am 4 months today post op! yay! I have been back to work since Aug 8..I was out 5 weeks. Fatigue and headaches have been a battle, but, i know that I am improving. I also have to have an angio at the one year mark and then another at the 2 year mark.

Keep me posted on your decision. I do recommend the onyx,

Keeping you in my prayers.



Thanks for the prayers and info. Drs. never mentioned any option but coiling. I will bring the subject up in Dec. Although not sure if it is really up to me. I'm really having a hard time with the watch and wait. December will not come soon enough. I don't even have the appointment, they are suppose to call me. I'll be having it taken care of at Cleveland Clinic.

I'm with you I would rather have glue than coils in my head.

Thanks again,


Hi Karen, in 2007 I had a rupture, was coiled and also received a shunt. In 2008 there was still blood flowing through the annie and my doctor wanted to add coils, could not get them to work so he used the onyx. I had one angiogram after and then was released.


Hi Shelley,

Thanks for the response. That is great news that you only had to have one angio..I will have to ask why I have to have 3..Us glue girls gotta stick together! lol :)