One year after ruptured Giant aneurysm. Need advice

Hello. I will have my one year “I lived” anniversary next month after a medically termed giant aneurysm burst, bad hemorrhage which caused a stroke. The trouble I’m having now is that I still have significant memory, concentration problems and issues with fatigue. My previous job was very fast paced, required a lot of multi-tasking and had a lot of responsibility as I was in a management position in a large company. I don’t feel I’m able to return to it. I sometimes don’t remember conversations I’ve had with someone yesterday or whether I took meds this morning or if it was yesterday. Had to make a lot of changes that make life easier, but these things wouldn’t work on a job. My state disability will end at the end of October. There is a long term disability plan provided by my employers where if sometime in the future if my issues improve, I might be able to take a lesser job within the same company. But after a year the company needs to fill my previous job. My neurosurgeon said he’s “not qualified” to determine if I can or can not return to my previous job. He said he’s trained to fix aneurysms and that’s what he did. My primary doctor does not seem interested in helping with the necessary paperwork for long term disability and when I first told him what had happened to me, he asked “who told you you had a stroke?” I have since provided him the records to show that I did, but if I ask him questions about whether or not certain things could have been caused by the stroke, he tells me to ask my neurosurgeon. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do? I don’t want to go back to my previous job and be set up to fail. I have two years until I can officially retire from it and draw my pension. But not sure what would happen if I tried to go back to work and then was terminated if I can’t perform my job duties. I had neuropsychological testing 3 months after the aneurysm which showed some impairment with memory, new learning, etc. I will be having another neuropsychological evaluation soon. Has anyone had this experience or have any suggestions?