Normal right?

My dad had an brain aneurysm 3 Months ago. He did surgery and he can walk , talk Good on his own. The only problem is his memory , so that is really good right.

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I’m MAES really Glad to know that your Father is on his way to full recovery,everything that you had stated was a “positive” For his memory I suggest to give him Ensure for memory buster I`m not a Dr. but being one of then that help me survive of ANNIE makes me share all that helped me improve my well being.
Just one question I have in mind can you tell me why did you say that memory is a problem does he forget things?
I just ask because sometimes we forgot talking to he patients on how they were and asking question that are related from the past.

Sorry so many questions from me.I`m just greatful that you are taking good care of your “DAD” constant Q&A with him can improve his memory too.
you can also do putting a radio on his bed side also had helped me.Try it too.
God Bless Prayer for your DAD.

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Thanks ,he remembers things from the past but it is sometimes mixed up and his short term memory is on and off.

Sometimes he remembers ,others not ,and sometimes later on

Hi there,As I remember my Dr. is asking me everyday of “some things or events which happened before and recent” with your Dad’s case it is “natural” and if your dad’s age is over 60.
Good part is he later on remember, just keep him active memory wise. aside from that TOUNGE excercise also helps him to train his speech prowes so he could actually express what he want to explain or understand.

No late 40s

It’s just okay then, the more he is practising his memory and tongue exercises the better.
Have a Greatday!

What would you consider to be good memory exercises?

In my case ruptured Annie been unable for 2 months, recalling events is
very hard for me specially when forced by my doc. then. But it"s a
must they"ll just trying to know in which med. or threatment I will go.
Like what I Did frequent Q & A from my husband I always ask until bought
wordhunt and wordfinder help me more.
I don"t recommend this because it might not be good for your dad, But just try
and if he feels dizzy just let him rest and a glass warm water will calm
his pulse.