Normal birth delivery is possible or safe for an aneurysm survivor like me?

Hello Everyone!!!

last year i survived a cerebral aneurysm. I had a clipping done and was recovering when infection hit my wound. I went through another 2 more surgery for removal of my bone flap and replacement using titanium mesh. I just fully recovered last March 2012...

Life was getting back to normal... Until I found out I was 8weeks pregnant around September 2012. I was living in dubai and was unmarried so I needed to give up my life and job to fly back to manila and continue my pregnancy or else i would be put in jail.

Unfortunately the father of my unborn baby didn't want any responsibility.... and left me to raise our baby on my own and shoulder whatever financial expense on my own as well.

Initially I have opted for a Caesarian since i don't want to take any risk of rupturing any potential aneurysm but since I am now jobless with not a single financial support or medical insurance... I won't be able to afford the procedure :(

I can't even afford to see a neurosurgeon to ask if it would be possible and safe for me to have a normal delivery.

I know I am blessed to be given another chance in life even more blessed that another life (23 weeks old unborn baby) has been given to me...So worst comes to worse I would take the risk in going for normal delivery just to be able to give life to my baby...

so please help me....


Hi Elaine, congratulations on your pregnancy! So I can’t advise on your exact situation- I had an unruptured aneurysm coiled last December and then got pregnant in March- I had wanted to try for natural childbirth and the midwives had to get full approval from my neurosurgeon who gave his full ok;) unfortunately we lost our baby (unrelated to aneurysm) but the neurosurgeon did say ok for any kind of labor (unmedicated) that I chose. I know every situation is different but I thought I could give you my secenario- good luck!!!

Hi there I have had two children naturally after aneurysm rupture and clipping and another op to have an aneurysm clipped Jan 03 first child was born October 03 the other September 2007. We are all ok. So my opinion is you will be fine. I am not a Dr though however my neurosurgeon said I can have as many children as I want.

Ps congratulations on the pregnancy xxx

Elaine- congratulations on the successful recovery from surgery and infection; you've been through quite a lot. And congratulations with your pregnancy. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months carrying your baby. I am sorry about the father, but you have proven yourself so strong already. You can do this! As for natural birth, of course every case is different. But I think the large concern with natural delivery is if you have an untreated or residual aneurysm. Mine was coiled and my neurosurgeon did not address delivery method, only said that pregnancy would be I assume he is fine with natural birth also, since he did not say to avoid it. But I have to have a c-section anyway due to previous surgeries on my uterus. Best of luck and please keep us posted!

Normal birth delivery is possible and safe after an aneurysm, however, it depends on your situation and the neurosurgeon. My neurosurgeon said that after my rupture and coiling that I would be okay to deliver vaginally, but the maternal fetal doctor felt better doing a c-section and not put my body through the stress of pushing. Good luck!

I had a ruptured aneurysm in November2013. I would really like to have another child but im just unsure. Did you have to be considered high risk? My ob said to wait 6 months to a year but I would be high risk. Although she never really explained why. Were you told of any risks with your two pregnancies?

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