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Newly diagnosed - dealing with finding out



I’m a 28 year old - recently diagnosed with an aneurysm. My father suddenly passed away this year from a subarachnoid hemorrhage. He was only 55 and healthy with no symptoms. It has been very hard dealing with the loss.

As a precaution we were advised to have tests done as it was suspected to be hereditary. My siblings results have come back clear. It has been a stressful two weeks and I have just been diagnosed with a 2mm aneurysm behind my right eye. At this stage the neurosurgeon has advised it is just a case of monitoring every six months with a scan.

I’m interested to hear from everyone how they dealt with finding out. I can’t stop thinking about it even though I’m told it’s low risk.



Hello Whatsername,

So sorry about your dad. What a shock. And then shock upon shock, you discover that you may be at risk for something similar to what he died of. Many people here know the feeling: like with any other major medical/psychological “adjustment”, it all takes time and effort.

I’m sure others here, with more experience than I have (I’m a network moderator, and my medical issue isn’t a brain aneurysm) will have some supportive and helpful things to say. Generally, though, what happens is a time of panic and turmoil, followed by a period of adjustment and getting things into perspective. Remember, you’ve been hit with two difficult cards: the death of a parent, and a medical diagnosis. It’s going to take time to get through this. Please don’t be reluctant to reach out to your doctors to ask for help with the emotional side of your diagnosis. It’s not easy, we know that, and they know that too.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who were in your position and who have successfully come to terms with their situation aren’t here: they’ve gone off to live their life! Still, let’s hope that some of the good people here can help you get your head around this so that you can move forward with your life.

All the best to you! We’re glad that you found us, and we hope that you’ll be glad that you found us as well.

Seenie from Moderator Support


Hi! I have 3mm aneurysm in carotid artery behind my right eye , perhaps it’s similar to yours . It was discovered a little more then one year ago.
First it was shock , then I was upset ,then nervous ( I was going to sleep wondering if I do have another day in my life ) with all additional tests and appointments . After that I started to work with my mind : first you need to know that you are very lucky to know about this problem : it will be monitored , it will be under control as much as possible .
Second thing : I read a lot , about this medical condition . It was scared at first then just helpful .
Later I just started to do the opposite : distructed myself with putting my mind fully into work …
So I am leaving my life , you still can be happy , in summer I had small road trip with my friends that was extremely fun time .
I have some symptoms that bothers me and effect me like floats in eye, ringing in ear , getting tired easily , but usually it goes without symptoms and I hope you have none .

It takes time to go through different stage of acceptance , and it’s impossible something to skip .


Hi, sorry to hear about ure dad bless u , I was 38 years old when I had a brain hemerge it was too out the blue as I too didn’t have any signs of anythink wrong until the day it happened. I was one of the lucky ones and came throu it, it has been really hard and has changed my life but I’m here so I can’t complain, I also have too more that they found that day and they are 2mm, and 3mm, they are watching them too, but I think now cause they know they are their I’m in better hands as from before they didn’t so try and stay strong and keep living life as u we’re just a little bit more careful , I’m 42 years old now so it’s been 4yrs since it happened and I’m still me just a little bit more crazy so my partners says lol but I like the new me I think I’ve just grown up more, so try not to stress and listen to doctors , take care x