New user, pipeline questions

Hi all! I am new to this community. I’m 58 years old and run every day. I was hospitalized last summer, and one of the many images performed showed what turned out to be a “6 mm broad-based cranially projecting focal saccular aneurysm proximal M1 segment left middle cerebral artery.” Further MRI imaging suggested “instability, fragility, and propensity for rupture.” Since my maternal grandmother died of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 71, I’ve opted for the pipeline placement. My main concern is the post-pipeline headaches I’ve read so much about. For those of you who have had pipeline placement, what problems did you experience post-op? Were they short term issues, or are you still dealing with them? I have an e-consult with my doctor in a week, and I’m not sure where to begin. Appreciate your help!

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Hi Jenn and Welcome! Though not necessarily a site one wants to join, a great place to be when you need it. I had a rupture two years ago and had a pipeline embolism placed. I had headaches for a couple of months and took lots of Tylenol which helped. Eventually they went away. I now get slight headaches periodically. They don’t require medication most of the time. But if necessary, Tylenol will resolve.

Interestingly enough though, there is a post on here made recently that references tinnitus and the subsequent identification of an aneurysm. I will be contacting my doctor soon as I have developed various forms of tinnitus and my ENT doctor said there is nothing that can be done. I have had an MRA since my rupture and nothing was identified, so I am not overly concerned. But after the rupture, I am hyper aware now. My point - who knows if the tinnitus is the result of the pipeline of not. I need to find out though.

Enough about me and back to my recovery. My recovery should be different from what you can expect since my aneurysm ruptured and yours hopefully will not. I have met several people in support groups who have had implants and coils - both open and closed surgeries. Their recovery was much faster than mine. Hopefully that is what you can expect. Good luck and God Bless.


Good Morning JenniWynn and welcome to our community! I’ve been coiled 4 times, once with a balloon assist and the most recent with a Neuroform Atlas stent. This stent was just approved by the FDA in 2019. I was never a candidate for a stent prior to this due to the location of my ruptured aneurysm.(LICA bifurcation). We have many members with pipeline stents and I hope that many will reply to you as Brian has. I wish you an excellent outcome!

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Hi Jenni!
I had 5 pipeline stents put in 4 1/2 years ago. 3 on right side and 2 on left side. I did not have any headaches after the procedures. My problem is that I have balance issues at times. Not always and I’m still exercising and walking. I’m 64 and I also have silent migraines now and then, mostly if I’m too stressed. There’s no pain with the silent migraines, I just have an aura that starts small and then expands. It lasts about 20 minutes and I can do anything when having them so not a problem for me. I just make a chart and tell my dr when I see him. Otherwise life is normal. I wish you well on this journey.


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Welcome! It’s a scary time for you. I remember being gripped by anxiety when mine was found. I was having headaches all the time and having trouble talking and saying wrong words. MRA found the Annie. I’ve had 4 pipeline stents places in 3 years. My headaches are gone but my Annie remains- my Annie shares a base with my ophthalmic artery and that is the issue. My new Dr doesn’t think the other should have placed 4 stents. He thinks I should have been clipped after the first surgery didn’t work - but now surgery is too risky. Anyway, the pipeline surgery was fairly easy recover from. I had a dull headache for several weeks but mainly very fatigued and slept a lot. Foggy brain and trouble talking and thinking for 6-8’weeks. There is an overnight in the neuro ICU but I was the healthiest person in there- no sleep because they come in constant for neuro checks- you have foley overnight but that is because you have to keep leg straight and still. I had bleeding issue from groin once but otherwise it’s a sleepless night. Bring earplugs and eye mask. Most of the time one pipeline stent works - I’m an Anomaly. Good luck to you!!


Hi Jen, I had 2 telescoped PEDS placed behind my eye to fix that large, wide neck Aneurysm and one placed a year later behind my left ear. Since my right eye was affected from aneurysm bulging against my optic nerves, it took a long time for eye to heal and sight did returned from damage. The PED was the best option for me and i am forever thankful for that device, today they have newer versions too.
Everyone is different, every aneurysm is different so you need to discuss any questions and concerns to your surgeon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and this is the place to ask any and all questions, it sure helped me!!!