New Procedure at Carilion Clinic Roanoke VA-The WEB Aneurysm Embolization System

The WEB Aneurysm Embolization System. Has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Daniel, an army veteran from Bland County, was the first person in Virginia to receive this treatment.
It works like this, “Through the vessels, we bring up a small catheter into the aneurysm sack, we park the catheter right at the aneurysm sack and deploy this device,” Biraj Patel (MD), a Neurointerventional radiologist with Carilion Clinic, said.

A mesh-like ball blocks off the blood flow into the aneurysm sack and allows it to clot away and diminish the risk of it bleeding.

Dr. Patel with Carilion Clinic is among the first in the country to be trained on how to use this new system.

“He explained it and how different it was and how much better it actually is than the original way he was going to do it,” Aneurysm patient Daniel said.

Dr. Patel added, “The benefits of this device compared to traditional techniques are to avoid an open surgery, avoid blood thinners, avoid more complex endovascular procedures.”

This new treatment allows Carilion to treat more patients locally.
NEW procedure

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I hope many of you may find this article promising and uplifting. Please share this link and do your homework. I have an aneurysm behind my left eye with a vessels that runs off of it and we do not know what the vessel may control. Watching for now. I had a stroke, FOUND, and yearly scans. If you have a stroke you will have another within 6 mos. I did and many small ones. All subsided and nothing for the past several years. I have a different lifestyle and a different outlook. Low stress or as little as possible, control the blood pressure. I have a fast heart rate which causes the high blood. Runs in my family. No headaches before or after. I was very lucky. Stroke survivor and resolved. I do have right arm, hand reminders. All functions returned to normal but I watch everything and take my bp meds, low dose aspirne daily. I do not post often. Here is also another link for those of you interested.

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I recently had this procedure done at UCSF , unfortunately my aneurysm is too big, 8mmx7mm to resolve with this less invasive proceedure . I am scheduled for a craniotomy on Jan 14th

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I’m sorry your procedure wasn’t successful. Myself, I have had four. Gets a bit aggravating doesn’t it? I understand UCLA has an outstanding Neuro Dept so that’s a good thing. I hate the Holiday bowl was cancelled. It’s got a few folks upset here in NC. Of course I’d have rooted for the Bruins having grown up in L.A. County​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:
Why don’t you start a new post with a new topic and introduce yourself? You live in a place that has everything you love! I think treasure hunting sounds fun! Do you scuba dive in the ocean or use a metal detector in the desert or mountains?

From what I’ve read, you had a craniotomy back some years ago, then they found another aneurysm, which sucks but happens. So did they then try a WEB and now you have to undergo another craniotomy?

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