Never Give Up

Well my anniversary is here. Its been 6 years since my aneurysm rupture/brain bleed on 5/7/10.

It's been one hell of a roller coaster ride but I feel like the worst is behind me. If you asked me 5 years ago if I thought I would be here writing this the answer was absolutely NO.

I am definitely an example of what you can accomplish with hard work. Never count yourself out; fight to the finish.

Best of luck to everyone

I agree with tarzan Lives. been almost three years for me. I suffered aSAH, then a stroke. My motto is now "never give up, never surrender". This saying has helped me many many times. also remember when life hands you lemons, make lemonade

Happy anniversary Tarzan! Very well said

Thanks for your encouraging words! I agree! Never give up. I know that's what I tell my husband who's 14 months out from his rupture. I'd love to have him read this but he is not able to read now. We're working on it though. The struggles are still real but he's came along ways! I thank God for allowing him to be here and trusting Him to walk with us through the recovery. I not strong enough on my own. Thankful for this support group and love reading all the success stories.

Tarzan, you said it great! Thank you so much for stepping up to be an inspiration to others:)

Survivors wife - I read a lot of teen books and preteen books now, with occasional adult novels thrown in. In the beginning, I had to ask how to say a word, and what a lot of words meant. I don’t have to ask so much anymore, though I still use a dictionary. I just moved the thesaurus back on the bookshelf and brought out Mr. Webster.

Thanks! That’s SO encouraging! He has alexia without agraphia. Can write & spell…just can’t recognize words. Very frustrating. I just hope he is as driven as you & doesn’t give up.

Moltroub; your comment about having to ask how to say a word and what it meant reminded me of my wife telling me that after my SAH I must have asked 30 times What is an aneurysm? and what happened to me? I couldn't comprehend what I was being told. I spent a lot of time playing Sudoku games and that seemed to help a lot. My memory is not as good as it used to be. There was a time I could remember the specific gravity of every gas in the table; now I can't remember any of them but I realize I don't have to. All I have to do is go on line a look it up. OK; Things have changed. I just have to be creative to accomplish what I did before. I refuse to let this problem stop me from doing what I used to do. By the way Webster has become my best friend.

I know brain cells once they are dead cannot be brought back to life. However; I believe, and current research is starting to prove this; that new neuro pathways can be developed in the brain.

survivor's wife; try different therapies. Don't limit yourself or himself to what he used to be. Try math; Try games; Try music. Something is going to click and the light is going to come on.

the more determinded he is to recover, the more recovery he will experience. I know this from experience

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to try new things with him. He's been in speech therapy over a year and he's getting burned out and tired.(I also, driving 80 miles one way twice a week gets old). Insurance probably won't pay much more anyway. Summer is here and he's so glad to be able to garden and mow the lawn and check on his cows that he's enjoying the outdoors again. He'll probably never return to his job as an electrician at a power plant but it's ok...he's a survivor :)

Roy Durham said:

the more determinded he is to recover, the more recovery he will experience. I know this from experience