Need a Pillow

Does anyone have a recommendtion on a pillow after surgery? Foam, memory foam, latex, down, buckwheat, etc. There are sooooo many types. I was thinking of memory foam but they’re hot and smelly. I want something soft but supportive. Any recommendations???

Hi Sage,
I had my surgery on May 25, 2010. The right side of my head was always my favorite side to lay on. Anyway. I purchased a travel pillow. It elevates the back of your head and supports your neck at the same time. I have difficulty laying on my back. Anyway, hope this helps. I tried all of the above pillows you asked about and the soft travel pillow works best for me. Hope all is well.

Thank you … I am here just “staring” at the computer hoping for a yea or nay … about my choice for surgery. They have scheduled it for two wks fr today. I read and read and read and so confused. I think what if I make the wrong decision and have a craniotomy…and have residual side effects for life…oh Lord. I have a 3mm…no symptoms…but I do have high blood pressure, under control most of the time. I just don’t know what to do or think…mine is located between the communicating arteries and if it ruptures the outcome won’t be good, as spoken to me by the two docs…I have a great neurosurgeon here in Ft Worth, but I just don’t know…

Hello Sage,
After my clipping on my left side i built a big U shape of pillows and put myself in the middle with the winning pillow being …feather pillow, and i also can then sneak a ice pack in as well…so i hope you find what you need. It does get better and know i can sleep anyways i want again, so there is life after surgery…
Breath and i also found that anxiety medicine during my waiting time helped during those moments of panick. Have faith, i just had my 2nd annie versary and i look back and feel that while waiting for surgery is just like circling the airport, be gentle and kind with yourself. If you can get your hair done, toes done, spend time with family and friends, and try and have a giggle everyday…i promise i am me, maybe a shade different but i am still here…the new shade could be a better one too.

My clipping would be on my left side… I like you don’t sleep on my back. How big was yours??? curious.
thanks so much for becoming a friend here. Do you have any side effects you didn’t have BEFORE surgery…??? big hugs, Sage

mine was 6mm and wide neck and also had a top to it so clipping was my only option, and that is also what i wanted. I wanted a one time deal. I was 45 at the time too…
That is also a loaded question to, sure memory is an issue, but i am much better. I do all that i did proior, I drove as soon as i was off pain meds, although not far…you will learn a new meaning to being tired. big difference between mental tired and physically tired…All gets better in time…there was no pressure from my husband and family except for me to get better…that was it. Get it behind me and get back in the game…

How do you work chat in this place?? i seem to not know how to do it,…any help would be appreciated??


Did yours rupture??? Tired…oh Lordy. mine is 3mm. Easy to get to. Still scared. LOL…well lucky for you I just learned how to get to the chat room yesterday…I had to ask around too…go up to the TOP of the page…see where it says “MEMBERS,” rest your cursor there and “chat” pops up under it…click it and viola…you are in the chatting room… gald I could help…hugs

Good morning Sage,
Unfortunatly I’m not able to help or advise on the waiting or the decision of right or wrong. I am 49 years old. I had symptoms of a stroke with a very bad headache. The emergency room doctor was wonderful and very persistant. After about 6 hours of different test, the aneurysm was found and I was immediatly sedated. It was too close to rupture. I now have a clip on the very top. My surgery was on my right side. So in short, my surgery was unplanned and happened very quick. It’s been 3 months now. I think I’m doing very well. I agree with Jane Hilton’s comment below. You will learn the new meaning to tired and “normal”? I had surgery on May 25 and was back to driving and going to work by July 5th. Now grant it, this may not be the case for everyone. But I believe in persistance and pushing myself. My employer is very understanding, we write a lot of notes because short term memory is an issue. LOL. Stay positive, have faith, hug family and friends. All be be well.

I was and am so blessed that mine did not rupture, i found mine after having a mini stroke and then after going through 3 nuerologist before find my wonderful neuro that listened and looked at records and added 2 simple test, one was a MRA. None of the MRI picked up my aneurysm. I thank God that he did the MRA . It took me about 3 months to find him and looking back it all really worked out great. When they did find it i was in the perfect care. Then was introduced to the perfect neurosurgeon. SO things happen for a reason, but those were terrible and hard 3 months of not being taken serious, being told i was to young for strokes ( yeah right) and so in the long run it was worth every tear and all the frustration. Also they tell me it also was congenital as well. So regardless, it is for today behind me and over, and i have had many CTA and also in Jan of 2010 another angiogram back into my head and have to believe there are no more and it is over. However i will always have my head checked every year, and every time i end up back in the hospital they always check on my head. So with time the fear has diminished and for me it has taken time, but i don’t think about it everyday. i am learning to move on, i have been given a gift of time, so i am doing my best to use it… Processing all that went down in such a short amount of time felt at time like a bit of PTSD…seeking outside help with a therapist did also help me, and gave me a save private place to grieve and also come up with a game plan.

Thanks Linda. Sounds like you are doing very well!!! Does tired just come with the surgery, whether it even if it’s unruptured? I’m ALREADY so tired…lol…think I have just cried myself out. I am mentally exhausted from all of this. I am now trying to give it up, and let go…

I am now getting ready to pick out my feather pillow, I think a nice pillow can be our BEST friend after brain surgery…yes??? Did you use a special pillow…

Off I go…I will check in later…blessings your way, Sage

Jane the feather pillow I know will be the winning one for me as well, then two king sized ones to rest my arms on…yes the “U” shape…great Idea to be as comfortable as possible…I truly appreciate you ideas, helped me so much…shopping ahead… : )