NDE (Near Death Experience)


After about a year post-rupture and recovery, I ran across a YouTube video that was unrelated to my initial search regarding near-death experiences (NDE). In fact, it wasn’t a topic that I ever really thought about or did much studying, so I don’t think I subconsciously was trying to justify my belief in the matter. The NDE of the person was not exactly something I experienced, but after watching it and hearing the person explain their feelings and the event, I do believe that in the time leading up to my arrival and transport to the ICU, I had an NDE.

This was not an experience that I awoke from in the hospital and immediately could recall. It wasn’t until about 6 months after the event that I started remembering it. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Hey Elliot! I rarely discuss this but whilst in NSICU, on a Tuesday, I saw this disconcerting black shadow come in. It scared the bejesus out of me and I’m not one easily frightened. Then when it approached my room, a very beautiful puppy the likes I’ve never seen jumped up on to my lap and growled at the shadow. What I took for litter mates were blissfully playing on the floor next to my bed and my attention was diverted. Interestingly enough two other patients died that night. I know if I ever run across that breed of dog, I’m getting it!

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That is strange. I’ve heard of spirit animals but that one seems to be the ultimate fit for you.

Since then I recently started doing more research on the topic and needless to say it’s a very grey and fringe field. I’m open minded but also think people are looking to profit off our experiences or beliefs.

I consider this a safe place to share, so I figured this was a good platform.

My experience was more clouded than yours but I do believe I met Jesus and my faith has grown exponentially since the experience. Bible verses that I use to not understand are triggering different emotions and I feel blessed after the experience.

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I believe we are as safe as we can be on a support group that’s open to the internet.

I have always related better to animals than to humans. But I chose a career path working with humans. There has been many times in my career choices that I’ve asked the Power that Be to help me in difficult and dangerous situations. Each and every time, a calmness came over me and I was able to do what I needed to do with no harm coming to anyone. When I was moved in one of the very few rooms at NSICU, the staff would often come in just for a break. I asked one of the RNs why and she said my room was very peaceful and they just needed to feel it.

I have a question since you’ve done a lot of research on the matter. When I was a teenager I was in a vehicle/horse accident. My horse lost when the Ranchero hit us. A few months later, I was letting the pup out my sister got me for Christmas that year. She came to the door to come back in, I turned around and saw this man drinking a hot cup of coffee where my Dad drank his. I had to pass right next to him to get to my room. He was laughing without making a sound. My Boxer ran completely around the table as we were making a mad dash to the bed. Both of us jumped under the covers as soon as I shut the door. I wouldn’t come out of my room and yelled for Dad as soon as he got up. I told him there was a man in the house drinking coffee and he said it was a dream. I insisted he check the house which he did, no one who shouldn’t have been there was there. When I came out, I pointed to his cup and said what’s that? My Dad always rinsed his coffee cup out and put it in the sink, always. But there was a half filled cup right where he drank both his morning and bedtime coffee. I started calling him George when I got used to him hanging around. My brother’s girlfriend came into my room and asked who I was talking to and I told her George. There was an indentation right next to me on the bed as if someone was sitting there. When we were telling Mom about it, she believed it to be her dad, he had died when she was 13 so I never met him, nor saw pictures. His name happened to be George but I didn’t know it at the time. That same man would often show up even when I moved to NC. I knew by what he wore that something was going to happen. If he was dressed up in his old timey three piece suit, it meant death, if he was in jeans and a lumber shirt it meant something less serious. One time my cousin’s truck was stolen. After I started in my last job, I never saw him again. What would that be?

That’s wild. I’m not sure that’s in my area of study. Seems more paranormal.

It may be…I’m sort of a strange cookie, my dearest friends call me eccentric :rofl: