My story

I have always been a very active person with no health issues. About 3 months ago my left eye began twitching non stop. My primary doctor thought it was due to stress and anxiety (my job is extremely stressful and I usually put in 10-12 hour days). He prescribed Xanax which made me feel better but did not stop the twitching. After 2 weeks he recommended I see a neurologist who ordered an MRI. The MRI showed a 1.5 cm aneurysm. On 9/24, coiling was done. The surgeon keeps assuring me that everything went well and it was a success. But I am afraid. I have daily pain on the right side of my head, I am taking Motrin constantly. I know it’s only been a short while since my surgery but I just don’t feel like good. Will I ever bounce back? And the kicker, my eye is still twitching and both the neurologist and surgeon say the twitching is not due to the aneurysm.

Hang in there. There are many stories here of people who have had coiling. Headaches seem to be a common thing among them. I'm sure with time things will get better. Maybe you need to see a neuro opthamalogist. Ask your neuro about it. As many of us have learned you are your best advocate for treatment. Sometimes you have to keep on pushing the doctors to find a solution for your problem. Try to rest as much as possible. Although your annie is small, when something invades your brain, it kind of doesn't know how to act and it takes time to heal. You have to come to the right place for knowledge and support. Take care and know that it will get better.

Hi Lili ... I had my coiling almost 2 years ago and many complications and now residual from the coiling...I continue to have headaches...that I never had before coiling...also I have weakness on the right side of my body, terrible pain in my right eye which also droops terribly...(my new normal) aneurysm was on my basilar artery and more to the left of the "circle of willis"...which controls right side of the body...I am told all of this IS due to my coiling and residual of my aneurysm (the coils compacted and blood is getting to the aneurysm)...Now ... I must tell only had coiling done in September...I didn't start feeling human for about 3 you are very early in the healing stage...

Your answer from your surgeons is not odd...many will tell you it has nothing to do with the aneurysm...but you will see many stories here at BAF like yours and mine...Thoughts your way ~ Colleen

hi Lili! i found this interesting re twitching hope you get relief soon, they mention caffeine & alcohol, eye strain from computer, cell phones, i suspected dehydration but i did not see that listed-dr ron is wrong???-lol

I went through over 500 Tylenol in the 8 months after my coiling! Prior to this I have had about 10 headaches in my entire life. When I realized how many I had taken I went and had a blood test to check my liver. Thankfully all was fine. The headaches eventually went away. They just got less frequent and less severe until one day they were gone. Be patient but keep after your doctors if anything changes or gets worse.

Hello Lili

I was told the aneurysm enlarges and there is surrounding inflammation after coiling and the symptoms including headache get worse. With time it may reduce in size with a resulting improvement in symptoms. You don't say where your aneurysm was, but if directly behind the eye it is possible it was causing some nerve irritation resulting in the twitch. My double vision started to improve at about 3 months, so hang in there, it is early days. At 10 months I have very few vision problems and the headaches are much better, though I still get very fatigued.

It seems the surgeons and neurologists often say symptoms are not due to the aneurysm, but I suspect that is because symptoms have not been well researched and they really don't know. Research has focused on ruptured aneurysm symptoms and there is very little published on unruptured aneurysms or on symptoms post procedure.


Hi, Lili. I am 6 months out from a ruptured aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage. I was always active before the aneurysms, but find even now I lack energy. I still have daily headaches, but the intensity and frequency.
Just curious: was your aneurysm 1.5 cms or 1.5 mms? 1.5 cms sounds huge, I am surprised it had not ruptured. I still have a 3 mm aneurysm that my doc is watching with MRAs…I wonder if it should be coiled, but my doc says…no for now. Yipes!

Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement. I am feeling better even though I am still getting daily headaches. I wake up every morning with my head pounding but after a few Motrin the pain subsides and I am able to function. I usually need to take just one more dose of Motrin during the day.

As far as the eye twitch, that too has subsided, my eye hasn't twitched in days (coincidence?????). The twitch is on the left side, the aneurysm on the right.

Theresa, my aneurysm was 1.5 cm (quite large), that's why I had no choice, something had to be done. I am grateful that coiling was a good option for me and I am very aware of how lucky I am that it did not rupture.

Wow! Quite large, indeed! The headaches upon awakening should decrease. Mine have decreased significantly. I hope you can get back to your active self soon. It is so good for not only just fitting in our jeans, but is just as important for our mental health. I know you know that, just wishing you well! (:> eye twitching but it was try eye