My Story - Debbie Gourley

Just thought I would let everyone hear my story as I thought I should pass this on.

I suffered a brain aneurysm on 28th September 2011 whilst I was working. I just felt so sick, dizzy and disorientated. I knew something was wrong - really wrong but I tried to ignore it for as long as I could as I had a new job and the last thing I wanted to do was to disappoint my new boss! Now if I knew what he was really like then I would have taken my husband's advice and not gone to work that day as he said "you are not going - you look grey". I also did not want to disappoint others as I was responsible for putting together a training contract for the whole of the company and because I am so passionate about what I do I did not want to let anyone down. I could not handle much more of the sick / far away feeling and when the girl at reception asked me what she should do I said phone me an ambulance which she did (after having to go and ask management apparently if she could). They came quickly and rushed me off to hospital and all I seem to remember is I went in to hospital in summer and woke up in winter. I was obviously out of it for some weeks. What a feeling of panic I had when I woke up to drips and catheters - not nice but lots of folks have been there. I just feel so lucky to be alive. I have a wonderful husband and wonderful kids and I am so thankful for having them. I also have wonderful parents but the anguish I must have put them through would have been awful as my young brother died many years ago at the age of 14 with a brain haomerrhage and my parents were frantic as most parents would have been. I just didn't realise what had happened until my husband told me. The effects of what happened to me put my mother into a state of anxiety and depression to the point that I wondered whether my mother would come through this but I have to say that recently she has gotten much better and I love both my parents so much. They must have thought what have we done to deserve this and my mum did say to me she wondered about this and was frantic at the time and she said I kept thinking I have lost my son and now I might lose my daughter. How sad! It is only my determination that has brought me through this and I thank god that I am here. My parents didn't deserve this.

Again ... Welcome Deb...glad you are sharing your story on the "main forum" ... it will help many...Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Hello and Merry Christmas Debbie!

Wow, so glad you've made it thru your ordeal, and yes, my folks were completely overwrought by my aneurysm and subsequemt coma (Which happened during the holidays in 2006)--one thing that sticks in my mind is when my dad had said to me "I never thought i'd ever be able to have a conversation again with you" , (this was said post hospital stay, at their 50th wedding anniversary party about 4 months after I'd been released)..I cannot fathom what my parents went thru, along with my husband. No, your parents didn't "deserve" this, nor did mine, and it broke my heart knowing what they had to witness/endure...but we made it through Debbie! Rejoice !


Hallelujah Debbie that you are still with us!!! I am so thankful that you did get the ambulance and got help!! It is a horrible feeling to have a rupture!!! Praise be that you were able to be here this Christmas!!!

Thanks Colleen I was trying to find out how to do this and as you suggested posted. I really do hope it will help others. Still struggle a bit but more with focus and concentration issues but if that is all I am left with then I am very very lucky.

Hi Janet

Just doing my rounds here to thank everyone for their kind comments. How it we people always think about what the others went through? That is how I always think - its a bit like listening to everybody problems and not wanting to tell anyone yours if you know what I mean - you don't want to burden them just like we don't want our parents, friends and families having to watch what we are going through. Is that what makes us stronger as in more determined - I really don't know. I am just so glad you pulled through too and I believe things happen for a reason but find that a difficult one to swallow this time around. Merry Christmas to you too Janet and please keep in touch. Debs x

Hey Tera

Thank you also for your kind words and I really do appreciate them. I don't know why I said to phone me an ambulance to be honest, must have been a sixth sense or perhaps I felt so dreadful that I knew I needed serious help. Yesterday was a wonderful Christmas Day with my parents round and my 4 kids and husband - not to mention Misty my dog. Please keep in touch and I am here as an ear for you and anyone who needs a friend. I hope you had a good day too and I think we all deserve to let our hair down a bit when we can. Take care. Debs x

Hi Debbie! I can relate to many of the things you said. I also believe things happen for a reason but I am also having a hard time figuring that one out for the moment. I'm glad you're doing well and had a great Christmas!


Glad to have you around! =) You'll find this is such a wonderful place with great supportive people willing to share a lot of what they have gone through. Feel free to ask any questions you have -- I think between us, we've been through it all and back again! The best thing you can do for your parents is to focus on yourself and get well... it's a challenge for people like us to do this, because like you, I tend to always put others ahead of myself, but it's so very important right now. Again, glad to meet you!

Thank you for sharing your story. This is an awesome site and the support is fantastic! Everyone is wonderful. Glad you had the good sense to know something was wrong & take steps to get to the hospital.