My Dear Brother Bobby

Hello, my name is: Albert from San Antonio, TX. I have a dear brother (Bobby whos is 55 years old) of mine that recently suffered a brain aneurysm on Thursday, July 7, 2011. Surgery was not an option for my brother because of the complexity and the HIGH risk involved according to his surgeon. They did put a device on his head to drain out the blood and also connected him to a resperator to help his brain not do as much work so that it can heal. He had been sedated the first few day while in ICU to relax him so that his blood pressure can come down. My brother had a normal life before this. He has had epilipsy for a number of years now however it had always been controlled with medications. Bobby's surgeron did not have anything good to tell my family and I the day Bobby was brought in by EMS to the emergency room. He just kept telling us that there was not much he could do and we would just have to wait and see what damage had been caused by the aneurysm when Bobby wakes up and becomes more alert. Bobby has not fully waken up yet however he will open up his eyes a little and my family and I will hold his hand and ask him to squeeze my hand and he does. He pretty much sleeps through out the day. We were told that it is normal for him to sleep a lot and run a fever. Bobby is a wonderful and nice man. He is a very jolly and friendly person who talks and smiles at everyone. I have always told him that we need more people like him on this earth. It has been very difficult for the family and I to see my brother in the state he's in. I just feel helpless and wish I could do something for him to make my dear brother better. I know my brother has a long journey ahead of him however my family and I will alaways be at his side. Our faith is strong and I know with all the prayers my brother will recover soon. My love and prayers go out to all of you. God bless, Albert

Hi Albert,

I too am a survivor of aneurysms, although have no personal experience of a rupture, as I am one of the luckier ones, where as mine was discovered and surgically coiled before it ruptured and I have yet another that is being monitored, but there are many survivors on this site that have experienced ruptures that I'm sure will have words of encouragment for you. I just wanted to welcome you to the group and let you know that once you have found us, Bobby and your family are amongst our thoughts and prayers and best wishes are sent your way on this road to recovery.


Hi Gaynor, thank you so much for your reply and sharing your story. Most of all, thank you for the prayers. Hope you are doing well. Thank you once again for your feed back.


Albert, i am a survivor of a rupture, four years ago, and my family was told several times how grim my situation was. It was and is still, a very long road, Bobby has, in my opinion, the thing that is the most helpful in the recovery process and that is the support and help from his family. I can say from personal experience that having my family with me all the time was the most healing for me. Just be there for him, be as positive as you can be for him so he can lean on you as he heals. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, please keep us posted on his progress.

Hi Shelly, I'd like to thank you for the message and prayers. I pray that you are doing well. A day doesn't go by that my family and I don't go see him. In fact, after this message I'm going to drive to the hospital to visit with my brother. I try my best to not get emotional when I see him lay in bed and knowing that his condition has not changed from the day before. It's very hard on us all. All I want is my brother back to the way he was. I miss him already. Thank Shelly. Since I have found this foundation, it has help me a lot. I feel like my brother has hope.


Albert, your brother has hope, don't ever lose that. It is very hard on the family. I just got a tatoo on my foot that means never give up - I have always lived my life that way, but now it has a lot more meaning to me and I can also say that it is true, it really is. Take care, Shelly

Hi Albert...

You and your family has my Thoughts and Prayers....!

I have a sense ... even with a long journey that Bobby has ahead of him...he will do well with such a loveing brother and family...! God Bless Bobby...!

Cyber ~ Prayers coming your way...Colleen

hi albert,

i am a survivor of a 5mm ruptured anny ib oct 09...the 1st 5 day were crucial for rest..the surgeon even instructed my husband to ask family not to come visit for a couple of turned out to be fine n very beneficial to my recovery..REST,REST, the key element to getting ur sweet brother is so good to hear hes opening his eyes n responding by squeezing yalls hands..keep ur faith high n God will not forsake him...keeping Bobby n his family n my prayers...things will only gey sure not to rush..slow-n-easy..God bless

Hi Albert, I, too, had a rupture. Love & support is what Bobby needs at this time. I believe that the love & support of my family helped me alot, even tho I didn’t know they were there most of the time. You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers. LOL…Aggie

Hi Colleen, thank you for writing and for the prayers. It means a great deal to Bobby and the family. My sister and I went to visit him yesterday afternoon and Bobby's nurse (James) told us some good news that he saw Bobby lift his right arm and he opened his eyes a little not much but was enough for anyone to know that it was a good sign. I know we have a long road to a full recovery but I have faith that he will get better and I know this because of wonderful people such as yourself praying for him. Colleen, once again thank you for your thoughts and prayers. May God bless you always.


Hi Michelle, hope this message reaches you in good health. Thank you for the message and prayers for my brother. It means a great deal. God belss you and your family.


Hi Aggie, hope you are doing well. Thank you for the message. Was nice to hear from you. Also- thank you for the thoughts and prayers. It means a great deal to Bobby and my family. If you don't mind me asking, how long has it been since your rupture? Did you have surgery? My brother did not have surgery because it was to complex and would not have a good outcome. The surgeon placed a Ventricosmy on his head to help drain any blood and or fluid from his Ventrics. They did say that depending how Bobby recovers will determine if they will place a Shunt underneath his skin of his head and have the blood drain to his belly.


Hi Albert,

I had my rupture on 9-24-10 & was in surgery within 6 hrs. I was very lucky to be at the right place @ the right time, as I had a great neurosurgion. They insert 26 coils in the annie, & now are monitoring another one. I know my family helped alot with my desire to survive. I was never alone. Any way thats what they tell me! My thoughts are with Bobby, you & your family.


thank you...God is great!...positivity is awesome...

This is good news indeed...

With the is amazing...but even the littlest movement can mean so much ...

You will find in time...that "rest" and more "rest" will be so important to Bobby...!

Cyber Healing~Thoughts...Colleen