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MRI/MRA Safety with coils?

I am scheduled for an MRA on Tuesday. The scheduler acted as if it wasn’t safe. I’ve had MRI’s in the past with just minor uncomfortableness afterward for one day. Is an MRA different than MRI? Anyone with info I appreciate!

An MRI is pretty much the same as a MRA. One hospital I was in use the terms interchangeably. I have discussed this with my post annie doctor and he says no issues. I have had several MRI/MRAs since my coiling.
I have found some health care professionals really don’t understand the coils or post annies and will act like I will fall apart at any moment. Good luck with your recovery.

I’ve had the same experience as lorac, numerous MRI/MRAs and I even have metal in my back. The stuff they use is magnet compatible…No worries! Sometimes the schedule just isn’t trained well enough. I had to argue with one last week and said if my local hospital won’t do it, I’d go to the hospital where they will do it. Then I calmed down, gave her my Neurosurgeon’s number and suggested she just call them. For the back surgery I suggested she check my records to see what that Neurosurgeon used.

Here’s the difference between the two and you can probably figure out why the medical field uses them interchangeably.