MRI/MRA Safety with coils?

I am scheduled for an MRA on Tuesday. The scheduler acted as if it wasn’t safe. I’ve had MRI’s in the past with just minor uncomfortableness afterward for one day. Is an MRA different than MRI? Anyone with info I appreciate!

An MRI is pretty much the same as a MRA. One hospital I was in use the terms interchangeably. I have discussed this with my post annie doctor and he says no issues. I have had several MRI/MRAs since my coiling.
I have found some health care professionals really don’t understand the coils or post annies and will act like I will fall apart at any moment. Good luck with your recovery.

I’ve had the same experience as lorac, numerous MRI/MRAs and I even have metal in my back. The stuff they use is magnet compatible…No worries! Sometimes the schedule just isn’t trained well enough. I had to argue with one last week and said if my local hospital won’t do it, I’d go to the hospital where they will do it. Then I calmed down, gave her my Neurosurgeon’s number and suggested she just call them. For the back surgery I suggested she check my records to see what that Neurosurgeon used.

Here’s the difference between the two and you can probably figure out why the medical field uses them interchangeably.

Greetingz Everyone and Blessingz.
I had a failed coiling in 2001 which resulted in the coil migrating out of my aneurysm. It traveled and caused a bleed that left me with cognitive deficits. I ultimately had to have crainiotomy to fix the aneurysm. No clipping as I was told would have left me with no vision in my right eye. It was wrapped instead. Recently I was to have an MRI and was told it would be dangerous as the coil could move due to the magnetic stuff involved with MRI. This is all very confusing to me as I was told when this all happened that the damage the coil caused, was it, and it would not move again. I also was told it would be dangerous then to go in to retrieve the coils. All this to sa, it was a very stressful time, and though it has been 20 years, I still have residual issues with cognitive function. I am eternally grateful that I survived, although I still at times am fearful of going through this again. If anyone has been told the same about MRI’s I welcome and appreciate any and all shared. Sending Much Love for All…

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I would be confused as well @Blessed1. I learned last year that coils done after sometime in the ‘90’s, I forget the year, are all compatible with MRI’s. Perhaps reaching out to your surgeon will help?

Please let us know how it goes with you.

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Thank You, I will definitely look into this. I’ve since relicated and have not found a surgeon as yet. I have a very good neurologist who I will ask a referral. Stay Blessed🙏🏽

You may be able to just call the doctor’s office or email them if you can and ask. Perhaps a written letter so you get a reply in writing. The other thing would be to reach out to medical records at the hospital, though I don’t know if that would work honestly. And don’t forget @Blessed1 you can ask for suggestions on a surgeon here on the support group for the area you now reside! If you’ve moved up to NC and are in the driving range of Winston-Salem, my vote goes to Dr. Stacey Wolfe aka Dr. Stacey Quintero-Wolfe at Wake Forest Baptist Health, There is also Duke on the Eastern side of NC,which a friend reports as excellent. GA has Emory which another friend reports as being excellent; he moved to CA and still flew back for appointments. He hasn’t developed an aneurysm but has some major brain issues. He lived in Atlanta and couldn’t find anyone that knew what was going on. A member here was being seen at Emory and we suggested he try them. Emory had an entire team of specialists work with him! AL has University of Alabama which produces some excellent doctors IMHO almost as good as Wake’s. ROFLOL Seems most of my specialists have come from one of these universities. Someone here can always suggest a doctor in the area you now live…


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I live north of Atlanta in Alpharetta Ga. I am familiar with Emory. There’s actually one 10 minutes from me in the city of Johns Creek, Ga. I had my surgery in N.Y.C. at New York Presbyterian Hospital. My surgeon there was Dr. Robert Solomon. He is absolutely THE BEST in my opinion :wink:
He was not only very kind, but explained everything in a way I could understand. He also chose not to clip and instead wrapped my aneurysm! I had never heard of this, but during surgery, he said clipping in the location would have depleted the blood supply to my right eye, causing me to lose sight. I will always remember him making the right choice. The hospital where I had the failed coiling was not my choice to have the craniotomy. After such a horribly frightening experience, my family sought the best in the field. If not for covid, and limited travel, I would go back to Dr. Solomon. Before all this I traveled “Home” quite regularly. For now, I will look into Emory, as there are a few locations here.
I truly appreciate your replies, and recommendations. Continued Blessings🙏🏽

Hey Blessed,
I’m 100% in agreeance, craniotomies are not nice, in fact I’d say they’re are rather nasty. I know of some people who have recovered quite well, but for others, not so good. I’m in the ‘not so good’ pile. The migration of appliances does occur unfortunately, thankfully it is rare. I have a different appliance, a shunt, and was told I could never have an MRI again, I’ve seen another surgeon who sent me for an MRI and he told me ‘…it’ll be OK…’ ??? He went on to tell me that things have improved, technology wise, and ‘…it’ll be OK…’ The MRI technologist had to have a device to reset the shunt settings post scan. But I can tell you all the way through the scan I was thinking ‘…it’ll be OK…’

I agree with Moltroub “…Perhaps reaching out to your surgeon will help?..”
Could you get Dr Solomon to write a referral? Often these neuros have their own networks of consultants in other states and regions or know of other specialists who do. Otherwise you may have to start the whole process again, a referral can make a transfer much easier.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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@Blessed1 start a new topic with recommendations for surgeons a bit north of Atlanta, I’m sure you will get one or two! I did a quick internet check on this site. Neurosurgeons near Alpharetta, GA | Healthgrades

Continued Blessings to you as well!

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Thank you so very much for the link. I actually remember seeing one of the Dr’s, Dr. Barnett when I moved here in 2003. My surgery and failed coiling were in 2001. Apology as I can’t remember her comments. At that time, I also not sure if I underwent any MRI here. At some time a few yrz ago, I was to have an MRI for some other reason, and the tech is the person who told me of the danger due to the coils being in my brain. She said the MRI has advanced over the yrs and the magnética could cause the coils to move causing damage. She would not do the MRI. I recall thanking her, and have always told my orthopedic Dr why I can’t have MRI. Sorry if I’m confusing. Ine of my quirks. I still have trouble processing info, and get confused. I do have all my records and X-rays from home. I appreciate all your help, and will choose one of the Neuro Dr on the list. Sending Much Love and Alwayz Blessingz🙏🏽

Also would like to know if anyone else you know had a failed coiling. Mine caused a bleed in brain when they migrated out of my aneurysm. I was told it would be risky to retrieve them, and that they would not move again. This has troubled me over the years, but I learn to not focus on it. The after effects were enough to deal with at that time. I remember a long journey and learning as all of us here, how to manage different. My son was 11 and remembers my struggles. He has been my best friend♥️

Most get compacted coils as I did. I have read about the possibility of coils migrating out, and it is one of the risks they talk about before each procedure. But if I recall correctly that phenomena is rare. I found this old article in a quick search, perhaps knowledge has improved even more since 2015. As with many things, folks don’t seem to agree. The article states the only 0.75% of 400 patients treated in the length and place of the study had stent and/coils migrate.

You must’ve done right by your son to have raised such a compassionate individual! Good parenting is so very important.

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Thank You!
I missed your reply. My apology.
Blessingz Alwayz💜