MRA Results

Doctor called back and said Blobbo was still there but he was just hanging out by the pool drinking a Mai Tai by the beach alone. He has not brought any friends to keep him company and he not gotten put any sitting by the pool weight. We will just wait until next year and visit him again unless he gets lonely beforehand.

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Wow!I am so sorry that makes me wonder why?I really think maybe you need second opinion. Waiting is the hardest. I am feeling
your pain. Hope you get some answers. :smirk_cat:

I am glad Blobbo isn’t growing and you can wait another year before your next scan. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry! That’s s long time to be waiting. I would get a second opinion also. I’m glad it’s behaving, but immediate answers would be best.

I think this is great news AbbyCat! Go to the Sound and have your own MaiTai. Or you could go to Vashon and get some really good coffee:). Most folks never pop their pipe don’t forget that…

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