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Hello, like I’ve previously stated, despite the pain behind my eye they said that my MRA scan came back normal. However, I’ve just got my CD with my images on and noticed strange things. Now I’m so much more worried and continue to think they have missed something. I’m so scared.

jen333, I’m just going to ask some simple questions that may seem offensive. I don’t mean to offend, truly. I would like you to take a breath and ask yourself what would you tell someone who asked this same question. No one in this support group is qualified to read images and provide medical advice on this site.

Are you a Radiologist? Have you taken courses in reading images? Have you dissected a brain of any type? What makes you an authority on determining that this image is showing something wrong?

No brain is the same, they are similar but not the same. We have bits and pieces in our arteries that don’t fully form from birth or some folks get those nasty AVMs that reminds me of a twisted ball of twine, all knotted up.

Call your doctor and let them know your concerns. I can tell my Neurosurgeon the stages my aneurysm has gone through from pac man to scrunched up witch’s hat. I also know from all these years what my arteries look like. She always explains the things I see and say hey isn’t that different? She will even bring up old images assuring me that I’m still uniquely me. Lol


You should try to get a second opinion. You shouldn’t get all worked up, but you should go with your gut instinct. My aneurysm was misdiagnosed for a year as a meningioma that simply needed to be watched over the years.This was confirmed by two radiologists, two neurologists, and two neurosurgeons before a third neurosurgeon suspected that it was an aneurysm and ordered a CTA to confirm. I continued to pursue it because I knew something was wrong with me. So try to stay calm -it’s not as though anything is showing up that’s clearly evident as there was with mine – – even though mine was misdiagnosed, something was on there. But you won’t feel any resolution until you pursue it a little further, and it’s not unheard of to get a second or even third opinion.


looks ok to me but i’m no expert, you can get a second opinion on line at Cleveland Clinic but its 565$ which is rediculous and not sure if insurance woould pay it? tc think positive, pray


Hello everybody, thank you so much for your kind responses, I have really thought hard about the questions to ask myself. I asked my doctor to get my scans re-read by a second radiographer and they also believe that scans to be normal. However, my concern is that the scan itself missed a smaller aneurysm. They won’t give me an angiogram because the MRA came back so normal. But I’ve had pain behind my right eye nearly constantly for around five months now. I feel lost and stuck on what to do because every doctor I see is so sure it’s not a brain aneurysm, especially now the scan has been read a second time. I’m scared because I feel like a brain aneurysm is the only thing to cause constant pain behind one eye. That’s what the internet seems to make out anyway, everywhere you look it’s pain behind eye = brain aneurysm. I just want to get on with my life but every time I get a stab behind my right eye or in my temple I’m just instantly put into worry mode again. My doctors really have tried really hard I just don’t know how much to trust the MRA.

Thank you @ronk, I didn’t know you could do that. That’s darn expensive though! But an amazing hospital.

Wow that’s truly crazy, I’m glad they got you sorted out in the end. A shame they didn’t do a CTA at the start. I’ve just had a second opinion on my scans and they also believe it’s normal, so they won’t give me an angiogram.

I really do appreciate it when people are down to earth and honest. Thank you for those questions they really made me think a little. It can be difficult to think straight through anxiety. I have something called Somatic Symptom Disorder as well as this eye pain, so it can be really difficult to distinguish between serious things and not serious things. It’s also difficult to get doctors to listen to me but I’m at least glad they gave me the MRA.

Have you seen ophthalmologist , he also can give a referral to ophthalmologist - neirologist , they check nerves near eye.
may be it’s time to stop looking at the direction of aneurysm .
I would advice to take a pause , to relax and rest more , get distracted your thoughts with some interesting for you things and see if having more relaxed and pleasent time affects having or non having pain . May be it’s connected with tense …

This is really great advice! I’d probably add an allergist just in case it’s a type of sinusitis.

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Patty6, Wow. As I recall, you also had a PICA aneurysm. And, I agree with you. After I was discharged, I had developed disorder to my hearing, balance and vision. My Neuro-Surgeon and Neurologist could not believe that these issues were related o the SAH. They mentioned that MRI did not reveal stroke even though the Neurologist did mention that he saw a slight disturbance in the MRI. 8 physicians later, I had a consultation with Stroke Specialist at a top research hospital. He did confirm that I did have a minor stroke in the brainstem which explains my issues. Now, I have the correct treatment for my chronic vertigo and irregular eye movements. Sometimes, it takes the right physician to correct diagnosis and treatment.

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Hi, yes it’s me PICA Patty – – I remember discussing issues about your vertigo and vision problems a while back. I hadn’t been on this site for quite some time but lately a couple of the topics seem to draw me in. It’s nice to see a few familiar names on the site still. I’m glad you were finally, finally able

to get confirmation for something that you knew was wrong with you and are finally receiving the proper treatment. I will be four years out this July and I’m heading next month to get my two year MRA to make sure everything is still the way it should be with my pipeline stent implant. I’m hoping for good news like I did two years ago. Good to hear from you!

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