Metallic like smell

For the last few days I have been smelling a constant metallic like smell. Nobody else around me smells it. I have read and heard that the sense of smell could be affected, but for some reason I thought you lost your sense of smell. Why a I smelling something that is not there? I am over 7 weeks post OP and this just started a few days ago.

Has anyone experienced this? I do go for my F/U on Wednesday so I will mention it to my doctor, but I am wondering if this is something I should be concerned about.

Metallic smell and dentist office smell were my auras.

hi terri! definitely ask dr -i googled and the number one reason seemed to be sinus infection- how are you feeling? is there any marked differences like dizziness or tired--write down your issues so you don't forget. i had sinus infection but don't recall this smell- maybe way back in. mine got real bad and when i coughed or sneezed had severe pain and i was very very tired. If you atr experiencing this or suspect i would try to get to drs Monday--the sooner you start the antibiotics the better--keeping you in thoughts and prayers~~

The "smell" is now affecting my taste. I now have a constant taste in my mouth that does not go away after brushing and rinsing. I do not have any other symptoms. I have had issues with my sinuses before (headache front forehead and stuffiness). I have neither now.

Hi Terri,

I know when I take iron pills I get the metallic taste and smell. When I stop the iron pills they both go away.


Hi Terri,

I had the same thing about two months after my surgery on Nov. 20th. It lasts for a couple of months. I'm 7-1/2 months post and I don't notice it any more. I do notice that my left nostril feels like it's always running and when I blow my nose nothing or very little is secreted. I had an aneurysm (5mm) on the left middle cerebral artery and I'm guessing it comes from that area being disturbed or maybe it's part of the healing process. Everything else is pretty good. Let us know what your doctor tells you he or she thinks is the cause. Take care and hang in there.


Hello! My mom had the same "metallic like smell" issue for many months.....finally the doc discovered that hers was a chronic sinus infection.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Hi Terri...I always had a good sense of smell...since my coiling the sense of smell has heightened...unbelievable...

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July...~ Colleen

I have a pretty good sense of smell also.

I asked my surgeon today about this and he thinks it is normal (nerves healing) and that it should go away soon. I hope so. The smell is getting to me. He suggested I try Zinc.


I had my surgery feb 22, 2013 I also smell something. However I was treated with the new

treatment where they use Glue. I found that even tho my Doctor was one of the top Doctors

in Philly, they dont tell you everything. Thank God for the support groups and the internet.

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Many medications can cause your sense of smell and taste to go haywire. A few months ago I had some sleep prolems that lasted for weeks. I started taking ambien. The effect was gradual but after several weeks i had a buring and metal tase in my mouth that drove me crazy. Since it took over a week for these symtpoms to appear I didn't put two and two together. Sure enough it was ambien causing the trouble. Lots of other meds also have this affect including many anxiety drugs. so if your problem started close to a time you changed or started any medication, you may want to experiment with cutting down,stopping or finding a replacement. Good luck!