Massage therapy

Is it recommended to gave massage therapy?

I have never heard of that as a “doctor recommended” action, but I am a firm believer in massages. If you are able to enjoy them, they are a great way of relaxing muscles that are often tightened from the stress of doctor’s appointments and anxiety of the unknown. Personally, a while after my surgery (I couldn’t handle anyone touching me for a while), I was able to benefit from massages to everywhere except my actual head. The best and most valuable was my neck and upper back/shoulders where tension lays for most of us. Just be up-front with your massage therapist so he/she understands what you are going through and can work to your comfort level.

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Thanks so much

My Neurosurgeon recommended massage therapy after my rupture, I asked her as I had been seeing one for a long time. In fact she said she highly recommends massage therapy! Carrie, my LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) has her college degree and license through a local Junior College. Because of this, she’s had the classes that cover biology, anatomy, physiology and chemistry which helps a bit more in understanding the body I imagine. She wouldn’t work on me unless she had the ok from Dr. Q-W. I told Dr. Q-W and she said have her call me. Carrie said they talked for about 15-20 minutes and she was able to develop a plan. They discussed also my spinal issues along with how massage might affect the aneurysm. I go every three weeks, on rare occasions we will bump it up to every two weeks when I’ve overdone it and my PT stretches aren’t as effective.

Thanks so much for reaching out.

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