Looking for second opinion

Hi all
I’m am in need of a independent neurosurgeon or radiologist to review my case any recommendations?

Thanks for posting! I looked at your public profile and see that you’re in Newfoundland. That’s about 3500 km from me down here in North Carolina. I know Canadian health care is much different than ours in the States, but I wonder if you can request someone via phone calls or emails to review your images. I imagine so, sometimes you have to pay for their time. It then becomes a matter of how far you’re willing to travel if the surgeon wants you to come in. I did a quick search and found this https://www.ratemds.com/best-doctors/nl/st-johns/neurosurgeon/. I don’t know if it is a good site, maybe Dr. Maroun is still working and can look over your images.

Hopefully someone from Newfoundland or Labrador can share their experiences.


Hi, I was treated in Toronto.

Dr. Spears in St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto.

Dr. Pereira is also great in the same hospital.


Dear Cynthia,
I can highly recommend my neurosurgeon, Dr. Philippe Dodier from the AKH Wien (Vienna General Hospital). He also does tele-medicine. My best friend also needed a second opinion and they had a video call.
You can request an appointment online here: Ihr digitales Ärztezentrum
(the website is partly in German, but don’t worry, Dr. Dodier speaks French, English and Spanish as well).
He saved me when my aneurysm popped in October 2017.
If you need any other information, just let me know. Good luck with everything!