Living with an un-ruptured Brain aneurysm...daily migraines

Hey guys, very new here. Backstory: In 2021 I ended up in the ER with COVID, where they told me I am a long hauler for COVID, and they accidentally found a 3mm brain aneurysm. Since then, I have had daily, 24/7 migraines, in and out of the ER for migraine cocktails, not knowing if it’s just a migraine or the aneurysm rupturing. I had never had migraines before COVID. I have seen many specialists, gone to Chicago to the Diamond Headache Clinic, I am constantly dizzy, sharp pains in my head, sound sensitivities, I was on about 10 different medications as of Spring 2023. After a 40+ day migraine and a 10 day stay in the hospital I was at my witts end. I tried a Cannabis gummy and it took my migraine away. I’ve been migraine free since August 2023; that’s until we went to Wyoming for Christmas and I ended up with hypoxia, or altitude sickness and was hospitalized for 4 days. It jump started my migraines again and no one seems to be able to help me.

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Welcome to your sanctuary, fellow survivor. We’re glad you joined us. A quick point of clarification, please.

You said, “I tried a Cannabis gummy and it took my migraine away. I’ve been migraine free since August 2023”. Since cannabis gave you some demonstrable relief, are you able to access some medicinal cannabis now?

Again, welcome aboard.

Hey Peter, yes, I have and it’s just not kicking it.

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You will know if your aneurysm ruptures as it will be the absolute worst headache ever. They call it a thunderclap headache and they’re not lying.

Your migraines may be the stress of knowing you have an aneurysm and worried it will rupture. Stress can be a cause of migraines as you probably already know. I always tell members my Neurosurgeon’s mantra - hydrate, eat protein, hydrate some more, rest and repeat. Try getting at least 90 gms of protein and hydration to your body’s needs.

I’ve never had COVID so I can’t speak to that. BH got altitude sickness in New Mexico twice during a vacation, it wasn’t fun. The first time the lovely women at the Puye Cliffs got hydration going quickly and it helped. The second time we were fly fishing and the wonderful guide also insisted on hydration.

It may help you to see a CBT.


Hello…I am right there with you! I have something somewhat similar! I have been on a daily dosage of Nurtec even though it is not recommended for daily use! It works in combination with Zofran for nausea! If some thing does work continue to build on that! If it doesn’t work, move on! I know how living with this monster in your head is the most difficult adjustment! i have not yet return to work as I am learning to deal with all of it. Just learning to get through the day is rough! Please know you are not alone! I know how the basement of despair is! Their is a way through this! Keep searching! Try to concentrate on the things you love and enjoy! Climb baby, climb! You’ll be soaring again in no time!


You mention your bouts with dizziness. I have occassional vestibular issues as well. After conducting a fair amiount of research, I found this product and gave it a go. It does provide a beneficial effect thus far. Required caveat: check with your doc, of course.

Hey guys, here’s an update. I had a rib popped out of place so I was walking around like that for six weeks, the hypoxia started my migraines again something awful, I messed my sciatic nerve up last week, I’ve been in the ER three times already this year lol I started Botox shots Tuesday and am already starting to feel a difference. It’s like night and day. My head I want to say feels great but my back is awful. It’s not my head hurting so how can I even be mad lol