Living life after cheating death!

I am a survivor of two clippings done a year apart. The first one was ruptured and had alot of trouble getting through it. Still have things I have to deal with, probably forr the rest of my life. the second one was much easyer, but left some things added to my life as well. I have good and bad days. but try to take full advantage of the good ones. When I do something on a good day, like building a shelf or changing spark plugs on motorhome, I am down for several days with bad headaches and anxiety issues, and it is all worth it. My wife, to which I married only one week before my rupture, has been awsume and dont know what I would do without her, and I decided to sell everything we had and buy an old RV and go full time on the road! We have been on the road for about two months and having the time of my life.

RVing is a good life try to enjoy it. We use to do camp ground hosting, live at lakes we like it took a 9, 000 mile trip. I have just kind of stopped since 2ruptured aneyurysms 3 surgery and a month in hospital. I'm sick of staying home. I have RA, and cancer, so it's like whats next? Husband had open heart surgery last year. so enjoy life all you can, you never know about what tomorrow will bring. sounnds like your wife is a good one

thank you, she is a good one. and so sorry to hear of you and you husbands trouble. just always remember that the good lord is always there to cary you through the tough times. all you have to do is ask. god bless and will keep you in my prayers…

Sounds like you are "counting your blessings and living life" inspiration to all of us...Thank~you...!


Your wife sounds wonderful-and you go! Enjoy life to the fullest-we only have one.

thank you so much. and you are right. you just have to make it thru the tough days and make up for lost time on the good ones. the good lord has deffinatly blessed me with a angel!!! and i thank him for that each and every day.

yayyyy for you and your positive outlook on life! God is great and he is our shield…

yes he is, joshua 24:15 says it all. god bless

how about psalm 116 : 1-9

makes me just Let go and Let God work his miracles....speaking as one of his miracles,,lol

I’m a believer, The doctors and every body says I’m a miracle. I fell over dead they had to bring me back with paddles, Then I was brain dead, they told family to let me go that I wouldn’t be able to think or do anything, No hope. Every time I go to a doctor or rehab. they call me a miracle. besides being real tire and just not feeling just right, I’m driving and taking care of a home, and old husband with dementia. I had a church and lots peole praying for me, God is great. I go back to get checked for the for second time this month, It’s was 7 month since surgery today. I pray for each and everyone on here

god is goog all the time!!! i will keep you and your huby in my prayers. i am around 8 mos. since last clipping. i goo the second week of april for followup angiogram. little nervise they are not 100% ok with last mri. but god has me and i give him the glory!!!