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Life Begins

“Now, Dr. Ernest Menville always felt life begins at 50.”

This quotation is from a eulogy for the character of Ernest Menville in the film Death Becomes Her. I continue to adjust to life post ruptured brain aneurysm and SAH, and thinking about this quotation makes me feel optimistic. I know I will have days where things are less overwhelming, and days in which things are difficult, but ultimately, I will adjust. In the meantime, since I just turned 42, perhaps I could amend the quotation so its life begins at 42? I also wanted to thank everyone who has commented or liked one of my posts. Your suggestions and insight have helped me navigate through some difficult times. Thank you!

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I just turned 42 too! I think you’re correct… Life for me has begun again at this age. Even with the world as it, I feel more positive about my own life. For me, being able to accomplish little things and keep adding on to them has helped. It’s had a positive snow ball effect.
Thank you Stephen for your great posts!

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Bertie, thank you so much for commenting. I also feel more positive these days. I think it took time to realize just because certain things are different doesn’t mean they are bad. I hope you continue to be well. All the best and happy belated birthday!