Letter to family about lasting side effects

Hi everybody.

I remember seeing a few months back a website that had a letter written to the family of an aneurysm / TBI survivor. I cannot for the life of me find that letter anywhere on the internet. It was written on behalf of the survivor, to the family and friends who just don't understand the lasting effects of an aneurysm rupture (personality changes, secondary medical issues, etc.)

If you know what I am talking about, PLEASE send me the link! I need to talk to my mom about my anger and short fuse...this letter will help!

Thanks in advance everyone!!!


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Brings a tear to my eye every time I read it.

Thank you for sharing this letter...

First time I read it...and I cried and laughed for all of us...


I love that!

wow first time reading this and it brought tears to my eyes so very true

No...this is good, but not the letter I am looking for. The one I am looking for describes about personality changes, mood issues, etc. regarding a brain aneurysm rupture and traumatic brain injury. Thanks though!


Thanks for re-posting. I have become very impatient with myself. This letter helps a lot.

jamie, if you find it, will you share it here, I am in a battle with my idiot drs, and just about everyone else, about this anger stuff, they keep telling me I have menopause, or its due to the depression. I am screaming inside that its not. I am not depressed, I am getting that way quickly because the people that are suppose to help me are making all of my brain problems worse. hugs to you. I hope you find it.


This was a very awesome letter to read , Thank You to whoever penned it and found it , it really made me take notice ... Thank You , for posting it ,


I just read this for the first time, probably b/c, I am new here, and want to thank whoever wrote it, beautiful, very emotional.


oh how i love that letter.

This letter is wonderful. Printed it out last time I read it and it's on my fridge.


Wow, this says it all!

I would also like that letter, I have many complications from surgery. All they keep saying is that i need to get back to work, god I would love that. Nobody comes and visits, takes me out (cant drive) nobody understands, and it is very fustrating, lonely. I ask myself all the time, why did I survive.

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Jamie...I was going to tell you I have read it (can't find anything!) and that Jim, had it on this site... and, glancing down, found Jim had read you quicker than anyone else...\

Hugs and Prayers that it helps you.


this is off topic, but I was here in 2011, too confused still to use the internet, but I made a friend in Pat, or patioplans above, we even exchanged emails a few times. now I live in your home state, and would love to re connect, if you see this, lets connect again <3

Hi Shelby…what a surprise - I am yet in “recovery” of memory - and everyhting that has passed by me in a decade…Please let me know what city you are in… your connectiom. is deligtful!..I could write 3 chapters …prefer to wait on! Let me know the city you are in…(and forgive me for any typos

Happy New Year w/hugs…to an alssot stranger! AND forgive my tyopos - tha is the 'brain control of fingers…a/w/a “thought”

Happy New Year - let me know the city you are in -

Am I missing something as I can’t see the link to this letter and I sure would like to read it.: sounds really useful
To explain what’s going on to others.

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How do I tell people cause I feel embarrassed I’m 2 years afterop still have bad memory and over whelming tiredness if I do too much but as I only had 1% chance of survival I’m happy with that and most people in my life are very understanding about it all


I’d suggest you start a new discussion, it’s an important topic, that many of the group can help sharing how they cope.

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