Brain Aneurysm Support Community

Let's welcome Laurie from Wisconsin!


Welcome to our wonderful support community Laurie! My name is Arjuna, and I am an intern here at Ben’s Friends. I read your story, and my goodness, that is a lot of things coming at you all at once. I am so sorry to hear about your tumor- it is indeed unfortunate that it was overlooked for so long. It must have been overwhelming to have found out about the aneurysm on top of everything else you have had to deal with, but it is a relief knowing that you found it before any damage was done. I understand that you have already had your pipeline embolization done? How has your recovery process been Laurie? I did a quick search for the term “pipeline embolization recovery” using the search icon on the top right corner of the site, and found several existing discussion threads relating to it. Here is the link to that if you are interested:

Aside from using the search icon to look for existing discussion threads, I also highly suggest that you begin your own discussion topic by clicking on the “ + New Topic” tab under “General Discussion”. By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered specifically, or share your story so others can reflect and learn from it !

We are glad you found us Laurie, we hope to be of help to you. We wish you the very best in your recovery, and we look forward to hearing from you!