Just diagnosed with brain aneurysm

had an MRI, at my urging, as I felt my migraines were getting worse, and I had never had an MRI or CT scan.

they found an aneurysm, then had a CT scan.

they found a 7mm aneurysm,

saw a surgeon yesterday. he said the location is good (in the front), the shape is good.

He wants to do a angiogram as the next step, to have a base line reading, and also, so if it does measure smaller, and we decide to watch it, we would know a more exact size.

I am going for a 2nd. opinion to the Cleveland Clinic.

I have had no symptoms.

My Dr. told me about this web site.

I have some basic questions.

he said I could exercise, but no really strenous exertation.

basically, he said, to live, my life as normal.

but to schedule the angiogram.

he also, said my risk with the size and location, was very low, about the same as the risk with the procedure. so this puzzled.

thanks for the help


My questions are at this point

Hi Sandy,

please make your angiogram control and then get a 2nd opinion.

My aneursym has been discovered in 2005 , they said do not do nothing ( it was too small,) but after 4 years I had my rupture.

I have been in emergency unit , first I get coils and 1 year later a flow diverter stent ( in january,2010 ).

Next RM will be september ,12.

I hope my story can help you ; it's better to get all the control / check,such as angiogram study and to have a 2nd opinion.

Take care of you.


i would be careful with lifting.the risk he means is chances of deficits.

I just went Cleveland clinic Tues. You need to make appt. With Dr.Hui. I have seen 3 drs for my aneurysm and he is the best.

I am seeing Dr. Peter Rausmussin. that is who my Dr. in Pa recommended.

have you seen him?

Hello sandy, and welcome , If yu are any where near or can get to West Chester new york, that is where my surgeon dr michael stiefel is , he is wonderful, he left the Hospital of University of Pa in 2010 and moved to New York, he is very gifted ! Huggssss n Prayers , Julie in Delaware

No I didn’t,but was told by nurse all the drs there work together. I think whoever you get will be good. Keep me posted.

Hi Sandy and Welcome to BAF...!

I had a 9mm annie on my basilar tip artery...it was coiled in November 2010...I was told it was leaking and the size and location were bad...I have another annie behind my left eye it is 2mm and they (Docs) are watching...at this point it is too small to do anything but watch and wait...

I think it is good that you are getting a second opinion since it is 7mm...you do have to live your life...but Bp must be controlled, no smoking, no excessive drinking, limit the stress, and exercise within reason...

This is a bit of a journey Sandy...living life with annie's...but one that is doable...and helps so much being at this site...very supportive and informative people...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Hi friends. I have been diagnosed with 2 fusiform aneurysms. Anyone have anything to share, 1st measures 10mmx8mm. 2nd is 2mm

thank you everyone for your responses.

it is so nice to have people who understand to chat with.

My next step is the 2nd. opinion at Cleveland Clinic, then probably the angiogram.

I do not smoke and have very good BP, and very seldom have a drink, so that is all good.

Thanks for everyone's help


Hi Sandy -

nine mos ago I had an 8x11 unruptured aneurysm coiled w/ stent, and I want to write and let you know that despite all of the HUGE fear and anxiety, I am really fine. I have 2 others that are small and being monitored, but I have to just trust in the doctors and in modern medicine and am living life I have no exercise restricGtions, so it's interesting for me to hear when other people are told to limit exercise....I had several doctors tell me no restrictions....

Best of luck to you, and hope that you have a clear course of action soon!

Hi Jaycie. Was your annie a fusiform? Mine is located at the supraclinoid left internal carotid artery and the smaller one at the posterior cerebral artery. I want to know if they stent yours because it was a fusiform

Hi Jaycie:

I have an unruptured annie (watch and wait) and was told very few restrictions. Obviously keep bp in check and don't do things like bungee jumping or lifting heavy objects. I believe exercise is fine but don't overdo because that would raise bp too much. I read on a different site that drinking coffee, having sex and other such things that can temp raise bp can be bad but my doc said no such thing. Interesting, about as many different takes on these issues as there are doctors!

Mine was not fusiform. I am very very glad that I have the stent - the surgeon wasn’t sure pre-surgery if he’d feel he needed to use it or not, but honestly, it feels like an extra insurance policy to keep me safer. Some people seem really freaked at the stent idea, but hey, the whole thing is freaky, and if stent makes it safer, bring it on! It’s not like you’ll know the difference once you’re under the anesthesia. I trusted my doctor, and am glad he made the choice he did.

I do have an appt with Dr. Hui next week.

thanks for the recommendation.

I could not be into Dr. Rausmussin until Nov, and it wonderful that I had your Dr. name as a backup.

thank you very much


where did you have your surgery done?

also, I would think the coil with stent would be the way to go.

but i do not know much about this yet.

I do have appt next Tuesday to have 2nd. opinion.

ty everyone for your adivce

I could not get into see Dr. Rausmussin until Nov, so I have an appt with Dr. Hui 8/16.

I see he is not a surgeon. I am concerned about that, or don't I need a surgeon at this time.

I live in California - so my surgery was here. Whatever type of doc you see - surgeon or not - they will guide you towards the best path, and if surgery is needed with any urgency, they will get it done quickly. I trust that you will be in good hands, and will be guided well. You are clearly a smart patient!

Best wishes!

Sandy, Glad to hear you got in so soon. I was also concerned about dr. not being a sergeon. I was told that all the drs. in that department will discuss your case with each other. Get each others opinions and such. Dr. Hui also told me they usually don't fix until 7mm. I believe you are in good hands. Expect a long day though. Although Dr. Hui is good Clev. Clinic can be slow. He was very compassioniate and took the time to listen to me. He will answer any questions you may have. Make a list of questions because you won't remember them all at the time. How far to you have to go to get to Cleveland?

You are sooooo welcome. I'm glad I could help someone. Please keep me updated. You are in my prayers.



How did things go for you at Cleveland Clinic? Been praying. I hope you liked dr. hui.