Joey and Mike - Please keep them in your prayers

HI Fellow PED recipients!

As most of you have seen, both Joey and Mike are back in the hospital.

Please add an extra special prayer for each of them tonight for speedy recoveries!



Hi Linda,
I am doing great had a scare and had another angio done immediately and it came back amazing. 98% thromboses the vessel looks normal. Thank God. My surgeon in NY reviewed it and was very excited. MRI/MRA was also great. They have concluded the passing out episode was a vassal vegal or stress related. Since then I am doing real good we are actually in s fla. this week. Heard Joey Iā€™d doing good also!!!

Was praying but so glad to hear your doing better.God cares for our needs.

Sorry Iam new I read the date wrong.
But I will be praying each day.:pray::revolving_hearts:

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