It does get better continually - have confidence

I suppose that’s a bold statement but I have some experience. About 25 years ago I suffered a rupture MCA. I don’t remember much of that period but I do remember a bitter tough fight. Certainly not enjoyable. I ended up being coiled when it was in its infancy. In fact I liked it so much over the next few years they completely occluded a small second aneurysm and went back to the big one a dozen times using stents additional coils etc etc. That seems like forever ago. Just a couple of years ago they gave me the gold standard check on it - I forget what they called it but I was completely out. Yes they went in by my thigh. They couldn’t tell me it had not grown but they did say it was safe. Good enough for me.

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That’s wonderful news! I’d take it and run…it’s simply amazing 25 years, wow!

I did!

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Yes you did! I’m trailing behind you…