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Is there a link?


I sometimes wonder whether knowing you have an aneurysm is a good thing. I have developed this redness in my left eye. I went to the doctor and got eye drops thinking it was pink eye. I was told that if it was better in a few days I could stop taking the drops, So, I did. The redness goes away and then it comes back again. Regular eye drops do not help. I have been having headaches again , which could be caused by the enormous amount of stress I am under, But I wonder if there us any link? I emailed my doctor but I am sure he thinks I am a nut case.


That’s frustrating. Living with a chronic condition can make every health concern be more worrisome, and I often find myself wondering about connections. I would encourage you to keep reaching out to your doctor with any concerns. And if you didn’t see your eye doctor but instead saw your general practitioner, this might be the next logical step. Let us know what happens with this.



You could have a serious eye problem. Hoping you don’t wear contact lenses. Please go to a proper eye doctor.


I, too, had experienced ‘red/bloody’ eye problem twice prior to the discovery of my same side aneurysm.

Eye doctor said that I just have a thinner blood vessels. Whenever I accidentally rubbed (too hard?) and disturbed the vessels, they’d bleed. The redness was scary - beautiful bright blood because it is not mixed with oxygen. It sipped out in between the cornea and my eyeball. I did ask my neurosurgeons if those incidences of red-bloody eye had any correlation to the aneurysm (same side). They said “no”. Later I learned that it’d be very rare unless the eye socket broke too and let the aneurysm (if ruptured) bleeds into the socket and into our eye balls.

Hope this helps. Yes, please do check with your eye doctors first.


I’m guessing he just thinks you’re worried and not a nut case. I explained yesterday to the wonderful PA at my allergist that my swelling has me concerned because of its closeness to my brain. She didn’t laugh at me :crazy_face:

She put me on some different meds that I need to wait for and she is looking into kidney and heart issues. She will talk to my cardiologist and I’ve had the PCP records send her my latest blood work up. I figured she needed the actual numbers and not that everything was within normal range,

Go to the optometrist or an opthomologist. They’ve got those fancy machines that can look all the way into your eye.