Information and suggestions please

Hi everyone it’s been awhile last I wrote I was admitted into the hospital on 4/4/2014 for the head pain that I have been having and chest pain that all of a sudden came along. I was discharged from the hospital with no answers still with the same pain. I’m am at a loss for words just stuck with this pain and more meds I am waiting to see a neurologist this week and a pain management. Hopefully this all can be resolved soon so I can get back to some what of a normal life. I sometimes wonder what if I would have never did the coiling surgery would I have been okay without this head pain or would it had ruptured and something worse could have happen. I sometimes feel that I made the wrong choice of going through with the coiling because since my angiogram was done I have had this pain which I had the angiogram on 1/28/2014 and surgery on February 10th 2014 my aneurysm was found by fate. I was admitted for vertigo and had an MRI. It was found and it was 3 mm sent for angiogram thats when the head started then sent home to have surgery on 2/28/2014. On February 6th I was back in the Er with severe head pain that traveled to my ear. So i was admitted again and they performed another MRI which the aneurysm had grew to 7 mm. Then on tenth of February they performed the coiling. Ever since then this has been a life of pain severe pain. Did i make the right decision or the wrong one hmmmmm. I dislike my new life of pain but happy to be alive does that make sense.

Jeannette, I'm so sorry to hear all that. Did they do another scan this month to see how the coils were doing? Are they in place? I've never had an angiogram so I can't weigh in on what you're experiencing but I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for better days ahead.

Yes they did another scan but everything seems to be in place but I feel like crap everyday nothing has gotten better just getting worse thank you for all your prayers and support it means the world to me I just wish it can just go away for an hour but it stays the same now I’m on high blood pressure pills and Cymbalta plus all the other pain meds anxiety and depression pills which I refuse to take the Cymbalta it’s just not for me at all. I just want my normal life back you know. I’m mainly in the bed in the dark I try everyday to get up before my 13 year old son gets home from school to help him with his hw or go to baseball games and practices which that makes me have the worse pain ever but the smile on his face when he looks at me from the field or the dugout is what gives me my strength it makes me want to get better and lots of hope. I’m trying and pray for all of us to just live a some what normal life. This brain aneurysm foundation helps so much just to hear everyone’s life stories and kind words is amazing. So may God Bless Us all. Thank you all for giving me hope I never knew how much people care for others as much as everyone here does. Smile and hope for a brighter pain free life for all who have been through something like this or worse. I pray for all of us and wish we all didn’t have to go through any hurt in our lives.

I'm sorry too Jeannette. I find it a bit interesting that most of the people talking about continued headaches have had the coiling done. I had mine clipped and haven't had any problems at all. I hope you will find some relief soon. What you are going through is so hard and I'm sure your son knows how hard it is for you and Kuddos to you for getting up and getting through the afternoon for him. I will be praying for you. Jan

Hi Jan
You touched me and made me cry. I haven’t felt like a person who deserves a kuddos or a good job you have made me realize that I have been trying to cope to the best of my ability my son and my husband are my world. I have felt like I have let everyone down since I got the news of the aneurysm. So I Thank you for bringing that to reality for I will keep trying my best with hope for a speedy recovery. I’m glad to hear that the outcome of your surgery has been without these bad headaches or any problems. May God continue to Bless you with strength on love. I would never wish this pain or any of the things that we here on this site have been through. May God Bless us all thank you again. :slight_smile: