I can't believe this

I just have to get this off of my chest. Yesterday I had to go and see my family Dr for him to fill out insurance forms. The secretary had taken copies of my CT Scan and my lastest scan of my MRI because they have to go with my forms. I had read my CT report but hadn't seen my MRI report and so of course, I read it. I was blown away at what I saw...neither my family Dr nor my surgeon has mentioned this to me as yet but my report said "within the left aspect of the pituitary glad, there is a 5 mm rounded T2 hyperintense focus, suspicious for a microadenoma. Further investigation with dedicated microadenoma protocol MRI is recommended". I know that microadenoma is another word for tumor.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a CT with contrast and then I see my neurosurgeon next Thursday to discuss treatment options for my aneurysm. They also think I may have a second one and want a closer look at that one as well as a closer look at the "laterally directed" aneurysm of my right MCA.

Can anyone help me to understand why I haven't been told about this other suspicion they have?? And this may sound like a stupid question but what does 'laterally directed mean"?

I would be contacting your doctor to ask these questions.


I don’t know why doctors don’t raise those things but I’ve had that experience twice now. This past summer I was reading my report from the MRI done 6 months after my ruptured aneurysm and there were two notations that are of concern: 1) an area of stenosis in the right posterior cerebral artery (i.e., an abnormal narrowing) and a low signal change in the right frontal area that they concluded was likely due to an old area of hemorraghe. They actually believed that had a a small bleed in my right frontal area that healed on its own but never mentioned it to me. I haven’t seen the MRI report or angiogram from this fall but I do plan to ask for a copy given the information I wasn’t provided the first time.


This is why I DEMAND copies of every test, and all CTs, MRIs and MRAs. It is your information, and you are entitled to it, all of it.

I would sit my doctors down and explain, in no uncertain terms, that you want ALL your medical information discussed with you. I explained to my doctors that I insist on a team approch to my care, and I’m part of the team.

As far as the adenoma, almost all pituitary adenomas are not cancerous, but they can increase in size, cause other propblems like vision or endocrine disruptions. Besides your neurologist, an appointment with a “pituitary endocrinologist” (not just any endocrinologist) would help you deal with the whole treatment. Perhaps you can ask for a team meeting with all your doctors to discuss your total treatment.

Google pituitary adenoma + cerebral aneurysm and there is quite a bit of info out there. Please let us know what happens.


Hi I have a pituitary tumor also. I have to take a drug called cabergoline for the rest of my life to try and keep the tumor under control. It effects the endocrine system, Make sure you discuss this with your primary and with your neuro. They should reccommend a good endocrine dr who specializes in pituitary disorders. They found my tumor first. Then my annies. I got lucky they were checking my tumor because I began to get intense headaches. Thats when they found my first 10mm aneurysm and had it stented and coiled. But please dont let the pituitary go it effects you in many ways. There is only two types of meds for a tumor tho cabergoline and dostinex. I hope you find a good dr and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Please keep us all posted on how you are doing.