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I’m so upset. I understand completely why things rapidly but it’s like why am I having to take on somebody else’s stress but with my freaking brain hurts. My mom is supposed to come down for two weeks and just be there so I had somebody in the house and she wants to go home because her knee hurts. And I understand that. She’s 83 and her back hurts 30 hurts but why did I even have her come down if she was going to leave while I’m still with the hospital? This hasn’t been helpful at all? I’ve seen her like twice maybe? So now I’m just scrambling trying to find people that can baby stay with me because I can’t stay by myself, and I’ve gotten myself into such a rumble that I don’t have a fever. Again. And I’m supposed to go in for an angiogram in like two hours and I need to get this fever of the control. Why don’t people understand ? My head really hurts. I don’t want to see anybody. My sister said we’ll go get nasty with me and I said I’m not trying to be nasty but you just drop this bomb on me that my mother wants to go over on Sunday and I’m not gonna be out of this place until Friday or Saturday. :
I should’ve never had this drone. Sorry if my writing is all over the place, I’m having trouble with my vision.

You made it through! Yay Kassi!

So you’re still in the hospital? Fevers are not unusual after a procedure, they’ll watch it, hydrate you a bit more, give you something to control it from my experience. Before you’re released, ask your surgeon to write an order for in home health care. They won’t be with you 24/7 but a few hours a day is still helpful.

You are stressed, no wonder you’re all over the shop and that’s OK, but you need mellow, slow it all down. You cannot, YOU CANNOT control other people and what they do. Nobody can control anybody other than themselves. This was why I suggested you have a ‘back up plan’ earlier.

In all honesty, you could be OK, just slow it down a bit and deal with the ‘Now’. It can be done, but it is easier with some back-up. Family? that is a weird kind of beast, one I’d often like to shoot and I don’t even live in the same country as the rest of them. I have learnt I have to rely on me. I may not be settled at times but OMG, I don’t need the games some like to play. I need to make sure I’m safe and that’s on me.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Kassi, so sorry to hear all this. I thought post surgery your family might be a bit more aware of the significance of all this. But still…CONGRATULATIONS! Happy just to see you back among us.

I think home health is a great option. If a rehab facility is recommended, go for it. If nothing else, they’ll do the cooking.

When I get home from my endovascular surgeries, the Doordash and Grubhub apps are my best friends. Order the right foods in extra quantities and you can save delivery fees and by heating up the extras later for another meal. I know the best solution would be 24/7 onsite support, but do all the little things you can to support yourself. If family is leaving, ask them for a grocery store run…things you can just grab and eat like croissants or muffins, soups to toss in the micro, salads already prepped, yogurt etc. Ready made meals are great if your grocers have those.

So sorry you are so stressed, but so happy to hear you’re coming through the other side of this ordeal. Keep us posted.

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It was nice because the social worker just came in and said that she could order PT, OT and a bath aid to check in on me. I don’t know how long that will be maybe only for a week or so but at least until I am up and running. Then if my mom wants to go home, she can because I’ll have some help. I understand that she’s 83 and that her knee hurts. But I guess I should not have asked her to come down. Maybe that was my selfishness. I just wanted somebody down here in case something happened. But apparently I didn’t think that through… my sister brought me and Reese’s peanut butter cup today, though that makes life better :slight_smile:


Word finding. Is a kick in the
Pants as well!

This was very good news. Accept the help that the social worker can offer, you will need it. You have to take care of yourself first and one day you will be stronger. It will take time, you cannot rush it. I hope you can try to relax a little bit from this ordeal. You are alive and the aneurysm is taken care of. :heart_hands: