How do you know if you should have the surgery or just monitor?

I am new to this site and have been diagnoised with having an un ruptered anuerysm on the right side of the brain. I go to the neuro surgeon this coming Tuesday to determine whether or not we should have surgery or just monitor. I have found out to date that I am not a canidate for coiling. i am 53 years old and thought I was in good health, but while trying to diagnoise a severe dizzy spell that has lasted for 4 months, I have also found out that I need knee surgery, carpal tunnel surgery and treatment for sleep apena. Since my diagnoise I have found out that knee surgery is on hold my orthopedic surgeon does not want to do the surgery until I have the anuerysm taken care of, nor can I have the carpal tunnel treatment or sleep apena treatment for the same reasons. I am feeling really lost. What size does an aneurysm have to be in order to have the surgery? Mine is small its 2mm but according to two of my doctors if it ruptures size does not matter. If anyone can educate me please please do.


Welcome and hope you can get feedback from others...

Did they explain to you the name / location of your aneurysm, and, which nerve(s) it relates to; and if by chance, the location of your aneurysm could cause / promote sleep apnea and/or carpal tunnel; and., is the aneurysm what has been causing your dizziness?

From much that we have shared here, it seems that location can have a greater connection than size to need.

The BAF main site has a diagram of the circle of Willis which reflects the cerebral arteries' connection w/one another.

Wishing you much feedback here and in securing more detailed info from your neurosurgeon this week.


thank you for your reply, I thought I could live with it until I found out I cannot obtain other medical treatment until my aneurysm treatment is resolved all my doctors have placed me on “hold”. I haven’t really been afraid until other medical facilities have made me afraid. How often are you monitored? Is your aneurysm large or small? Did you already have an aneurysm removed? Are you able to do everything and anything physical that you want. I have always been very active into extreme sports and my latest passion is Karate which I dropped out of since I heard the news. Thank you so much

Hi Nancy: I was diagnosed with an unruptured 3mm aneurysm on the circle of willis, that's about as much as I know. They told me I had 2 and after my angiogram, decided I only have 1 (yeah?). Anyway, my docs said until it's 7mm they won't consider surgery. That's all he said. I think it's hard to coil the smaller ones and they're less likely to rupture? Although, it's all a guessing game, whose will and whose won't? I try not to think about it and had to let it go. If, when I have my 6 month angio it shows it's grown, then they will consider surgery. I know it's hard to deal with when you first find out and you've got the other complications as well. Hope you get the answers and treatment needed and good luck to you, we're all thinking positive thoughts for you. Mitch

thank you Mitch for your response! Are you doing okay, I wish nothing but the best for you its such a shock when you find out and sometimes changes life a little. My orthopedic surgeon fired me yesterday, he basically said he couldn’t do the knee surgery with me having an aneurysm and please don’t call him unless I really have to :). I go back to the neurosurgeon in 90 days so right now all medical is on hold until then. I walk in to my other doctor offices and you would think I had the plague. Considering they are doctors they freak when you mention aneurysm. My cousin who is in the medical field said its because I am a walking law suit. I did speak to my neurosurgeon regarding the other doctors and she said have them call her but they don’t care. I live in Vegas and you would think they would take a gamble but nah. Thanks again for listening Nancy

I feel so bad for you, needing other treatment and nobody will help… Their actions sure don’t seem to be in line with their oath/profession but I think we ARE a big liability for doctors. That’s why they did so many tests on me when they found evidence of an aneurysm. I’m trying to wade through all the medical bills from my first round of tests now. Even with insurance, my portion is in the thousands, and here I sit with an unruptured aneurysm. I guess we’re still better off knowing than not. I was told only to go to the hospital if/when I get a really bad headache, that’s it, oh yeah and come back in 6 months for another angiogram or cta. After dealing with this for a month and a half, the strangest thing is all is normal and I feel it’s not OK to even think about it any longer because I’m fine. I had doctors tell me aneurysm’s are very common and it’s not a big deal. I understand that, however, it doesn’t go away, it’s still there and as long as it’s not treated, it could rupture. I just can’t think about it and I certainly can’t talk about it anywhere but here. It gets better and easier in time. I still have some symptoms and I read they could be from the aneurysm but my doc said no, they have NO symptoms. Go figure. I’m surprised you’re going back to neurosurgeon in 90 days, usually it’s 6 months. I was given a sleep apnea machine after my diagnosis, nobody said anything about it being a problem with an aneurysm… did they tell you why you couldn’t be treated for sleep apnea?

I had surgery elsewhere while I had an annie. I am unsure if this was a wise thing to have done, but I was in pain-since then I have had a coil and stent inserted. After speaking with the neurologist if you are not happy with your doctors answers and if you feel that bad by them go to another doctor-it is always good to get other opinions anyway.

Hi Mitch,

what state are you in? I think my neurosurgeon wants to see me every quarter. I see the neuroligist tomorrow. Mine started with extreme vertigo. They did put me on clonazepam0.5mg to help with dizziness and to prevent brain seizures. and from there started the next 43 tests, and thats how the aneurysm was found it was accidental. Also found was the sleep apena and the carpel tunnel in the right hand and of course the pending knee surgery. Te medicine helped but made me sick and the dizziness stopped. Now the dizziness has resumed this past Thursday and hoping to get answers tomorrow. Both Dr's. say the dizziness has nothing to do with the aneurysm. Have you experienced dizziness? I was given a referral now to see a ears nose and throat doctor. according to cat scans and mri there is nothing wrong with my ears. The sleep center does not want me to do the sleep apena therapy because of the aneurysm, they are afraid that having electrodes attached to my head may make the aneurysm rupture. I am trying to seek additional opinions but wow the expenses. thanks again for listening

how large was your aneurysm? Are you okay? what type of pain did you have. I felt great except for the dizziness now I feel sick all the time but I believe it has to do with the meds. Thank you for your response Nancy

Hi Nancy: I’m in Washington. I’m 51 and had a very bad headache I couldn’t get rid of for 26 days. I went to Dr day 15 and that started all the tests. I had a droopy right eye, slurred speech and couldn’t stand up straight, felt kinda dizzy and like something was pulling my upper body backwards. Everything improved after 2 ER visits and finally a drug coctail that worked on my headache. I did a home sleep study with no electrodes attached to my head. The company that sent me the machine was in Seattle. I can get the info for you if your doctor doesn’t know about it. Wishing you well!

Hi Mitch I am 53 you don’t happen to live in Whidbey Island? My mother lives there that would be funny. My sleep test involved me having electrodes all over my head, face,waist,chest legs and arms. The therapy would be the same except for a mask with oxygen flowing through it. your test sounds different than mine. did you spend the night?

No, I didn’t spend the night. I had a cursory test done at home one night and then a more thorough one at home for 2 nights with an expensive machine that was sent to me and I then sent it back. I’m in southern Washington near Portland.

Hi Nancy,

Its funny how one test leads to all sorts of different problems. I also have a unruptured aneursym that was found in July and thankfully has not changed so we wait. But I work for an ENT and see a lot of people who are dizzy. Look up Benign Paroxysmal Postional vertigo (BPPV) or meniere's disease to see if you have any of these symptoms. It might help when you do see a ENT. My doc does epley maneuvers which help alot of people. Not all ENT's do it though. Good luck with the neuro appt.


Welcome to the Site...Mine was 9mm on my Basiliar Tip...leaking...Neurosurgeon's told me I had no choice...but surgery...I have another that is small they are watching...not in as bad a spot...I was told they look at your, age, size of annie, location, etc., They (Neurosurgeons) should be able to direct you in your decision...Good Luck...and Keep us posted...

Remember no matter what is is a long journey...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

thank you so much for responding it was very much appreciated!, i will do my research! Nancy

I appreciate the reply, I hope your doing well. Your right it has been a long long journey of doctor appointments. I received two more referrals today plus additional drugs:) thank you again for the response


I know your WA/Or area and people there well... my cell is 425-■■■■■■■■ if you want to talk...



I live close to Whidbey and have many friends who did/do live we age, many moves occur...and, as you likely know, there's considerable distance /access to Whidbey...Are you in this area?



Welcome to WA ST...where are you located?

Beth Dillard is the coordinator/manager of our local group noted in the groups section of the BAF site... depending on where you are located, it may be highly beneficial to you...Beth is great, and depending on location, will help you as much as possible...

I am far too critical of WA ST care to help you...I had 3 emergencies in 29 days and sought testing / diagnosis immediatey following the first...I have limited faith/confidence for quality care here in the frontier...symptoms began years earlier following MVAs... for which I was referred to a psychiatrist... no testing done...

As for Whidbey ...have a number of friends there...some who have moved w/their retirement; others who return there...What city does your mother live in?


No I live in Las Vegas but my mother and step father live on Whidbey Island, beautiful place in the summer :slight_smile: