Here we go again!

Hey y’all! Did the title of the topic put the old Song in your brain? It sure did mine, maybe we can all sing it together😄

@Slujan We are sorry to hear what you’re going through with your loved one. We are here for you. There are many caregivers here and our hope is they will reach out and connect with you. In order to have that support, you’ll need to start a new topic. We look forward to your post!

@Jnmcgrath We are saddened to hear of your loss, death sucks. How are you doing today? To receive the feedback you are wanting, please start a new topic under General. Should you have any issues on doing that, reach out to the Moderators or the fine folks who go by ModSupport.

@catbarn Welcome! When did you find out about your fusiform MCA? Have the doctors told you what they want to do? Go to “General” and let us know how we can help by starting a new topic.

@Fleabite You’ve had a time of it. Memory loss is a significant issue for many of us and ischemic strokes just makes something bad, worse. But you’re here and you found us! We really look forward to your insight.

@Pjpackard We were saddened to read about the loss of your sister. As your story reminds us, it’s important to be checked and followed. Have the doctors given you a plan on how they will treat your aneurysm with the daughter sac? Please let us know in a new topic under “General”

@Examan I hope you have found a Neurosurgeon in South Africa. There are various ways to treat an aneurysm and rarely is one treated during the initial angiogram, it’s more of the doctor being able to look and see stage. Thank you for starting a new topic on asking for surgeon suggestions. We hope you are able to keep us apprised on your journey.

@JessicaM Its been a bit over a month since you joined, I’m really behind on welcoming folks and I apologize to everyone. Hopefully your mother continues to improve following her surgery. Please keep us apprised of not only her but yourself as well. Caregiving can be exhausting. Thanks for starting a topic on your journey!

@bakejm05 Migraines, dizziness and balance issues can be frustrating and painful, and then to be put on the watch and wait list just is something else to add to stressors. We can’t wait to read your journey navigating all of your symptoms and if the doctors have figured out the cause. This is a wonderful group for support, please start a new topic so we can help out.

@Beiba1965 fear is something we all deal with in this group. Fear of the unknown and what if’s are especially difficult. Hopefully you have already met with the neurosurgeon. What have you decided to do with the topic you posted about, to work or not?

@Jhilemon chuckled when read you have many stories, being all the hats you wear, I bet you do! Hopefully you were able to get on the virtual support group with Norwell VNA. The Brain Aneurysm Foundation posts all the virtual support groups and sometimes they don’t put in the time zone. One of the ways to find out is to do a search for that facility to see where they’re located. Just keep a look out for other groups or you might ask Emory if they have one in GA.

@Mtodtz We are happy to read your aneurysm has remained stable all this time, that’s great news! Having MS and an ischemic stroke sure can add a wrench to our lives. Please let us know how we can help by starting a new topic, you guessed it, under the “General” tab.

@Suzanne yes ma’am, we are laughing with you on your profile “Something else”. We really encourage others to read it as well. One of the most important things that we can do for ourselves is positivity and Suzanne has nailed it! Come tell your story Ms. Suzanne!

@Dirk I think enjoying the outdoors is one of the best ways to keep BP down, especially with all the things California has to offer. I recall driving up to the mountains, enjoying the desert and a sunset over the Pacific all in one day when I was much younger and full of energy. We see you’ve read a number of posts, how can we help?

That’s it for this welcome group. I’ll do more but as you have probably figured out, welcoming is on me until our wonderful Intern comes back. A big shout out to @ModSupport and @DickD for helping with all the numerous other things they do, it’s an amazing amount of work y’all.

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